Monday, April 11, 2011


I hate anonymous commenters sneaks  - I really do.   They have all the answers don't they??? Know exactly what everyone else should do to be as perfect as they are.

The latest comment that has set me off on this tangent 
Anonymous said...
I get that a blog is a place to work out your stuff. But it seems like Warren is your partner again.

That's why it seemed a little less than kind to discuss your lack of sexual satisfaction on your blog prior to discussing it with him.

First - how do you know with such certainity that I have not discussed this with Warren??

Secondly - how do you know that Warren doesn't satisfy my sexual needs ??

You who claim to know me so well

You don't get that I am talking about something separate from sex in the bedroom.. something separate from a good fucking session... 


Before you open your mouth to spew forth your hurtful advise - please make sure you understand what it is I am saying.,

(I will now stop the rant and get down off my soap box)


  1. If I were you I would simply ignore ignorant comments, or delete them so they stop bugging me.

  2. I personally thought it was pretty clear you were speaking more of a struggle *you* were having and not so much anything to do with Warren...

  3. Something I have found through experience -- anonymous commentators are usually people that you already know who are too chicken-shit to attach their name to whatever it is they wanna blast you with. :)

    If you have a stat counter, you can usually figure out who the perpetrator is by looking at the time stamps of vistors. :)


  4. I LOVE it when you get all ranty! =)

    I agree with everyone else ... malicious anonymous commenters don't deserve a reply from you.

  5. We all get the same anonymous commenters -- they just move around and spread venom to different blogs. Or maybe they aren't the same, but who can tell? They all go by the same name, so in my book that makes them all the same. The same nastiness, the same lack of personal integrity, the same cowardice. I know the irritation they cause and the aggravation. I don't have an answer for how to deal with them best -- ignore them, block them, delete them, argue with them... I suspect the "right" answer depends on where we are and what we choose to try and accomplish with regard to all of that...

    You know that, at the bottom of it all, this is your blog, your life, your reality. Write what you want to write, in whatever voice you choose to use. Those of us who also write know that what we see here is only part of the reality and part of the story. People with names won't be judging you here in your own place...

    hugs, swan

  6. i agree with everyone else here- dont let them bug you- and i know its hard...they are just mean spirited people who do what they do precisely to get at you. they thrive on upsetting others. just delete them from here and your mind.

  7. Anonymous9:24 am

    Well don't block anonymous commenters for it could be me!! Cept I always sign my name..:)

    Ignore them, I don't allow comments on my journal but I get them in emails and I just hit the delete button and move on.

    they are not worth your time or effort



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