Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sexy Sunday

Do you remember a week or so ago I announced I had been approached by an online sex shop and asked to do sex toy reviews?  After some correspondence back and forth I sent off a selection of toys (that they would chose from) and sat back and waited.

Honestly I had forgotten about the whole thing ..until Wednesday around dinner time when the doorbell rang.  It was the UPS guy with a fairly big package.  I was surprised and blurted out "What's this?? I didn't order anything?!"  He looked at the package and told me he had no idea what it was - BUT - it was for me.  Gold Star for Eden Fantasy for their discrete packaging !! 

I was tearing into the package - felt like Christmas - I had no idea what toy they had sent me........... when the doorbell rang again.  This time it was eldest daughter.... and of course the minute she saw the package she wanted to know all about it!!

Well after we had both had a good look at the vibrating 'bunny' I served supper and the conversation turned away from sex toys for review. 

I wanted (needless to say) to try out the bunny as soon as daughter had left.  The only problem was it required 2 AAA batteries.  Now I have a gross of AA batteries but there was not one AAA battery to be found in the house.  It had to wait till I could get out and buy some.  (see me pout??)

I am here to announce - I have now successfully tried out the vibrating bunny!!!  

It is small and light weight - which I really appreciated after all the heavy toys I have used that land up cramping my wrist - forcing me to change hands.  It felt as though it was made for my hand.  

The material is a soft gel that feels sublime against one's pink bits.  The vibrations can be controlled from "put me to sleep" all the way up to "OH MY GOD !! don't stop" And it is fairly quiet.  Miss Ashes who was lying a couple of feet away didn't even twitch her ears!!!

I took a couple of my own pictures to show how cute it is and how small........ 

 The bunny is water proof so next time I may try it while I am relaxing in a nice hot steamy bubble bath.

I have to say I would give this bunny 4 gold stars for efficiency - texture - size and lack of noise.  I would also give Eden Fantasies 4 gold stars for quick shipping and for being discrete with their adult toys !!!

What a great Easter present !!!!  

Eden Fantasies has a slew of other vibrators and I am hoping they send off another one sooner than later (cheeky grin) a girl just can't have too many vibrators !!


  1. A bit off topic but I would like to ask how Miss Ashes is doing? Glad to hear that you are enjoying the toy though.


  2. Spankedhortic...

    Thank you so much for asking after lil miss... she spent one night at the hospital and the next morning they called and told me to come and get her. Every time they opened her kennel she tried to escape..every tine they closed it she cried and howled and carried on. :) :)

    So I brought home with a mess load of pills and now almost a week later she is doing much better... though pill time is a stressful event for both of us.. LOL...

    They think basically she had colic and apparently didn't want to eat as she associated the pain with the food (kind of like her 'mother')

    She is curled up right now on the ottoman (which she normally isn't allowed to be on) purring contentedly :)

    Again thanks for asking

  3. I don't know if you know this.. but, I just wanted to tell you that if you have other jelly toys, do not store them together. Jelly toys will melt into eachother and even into other non jelly toys and "glue" the toys to it. It's a chemical reaction thing. Safest bet is to store jelly toys in a bag or away from everything else so nothing gets wrecked.

    I'd hate for you to lose a good toy :)


  4. Thank you Serene - I did not know that.. I will make sure it is stored away safely :)

  5. Glad to hear that Miss Ashes is doing a bit better now. I do not know if it would work as well for cats as it did with my old lurcher but rapping any pills in a bit of sliced ham used to make the "convincing" part of pill giving a whole lot easier.



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