Tuesday, April 26, 2011


After the success at Easter with my jelly cups..... I am feeling very crafty. 

W and I are going over to drakor's for coffee this afternoon.  I strongly suggested that he wear the lil slut skirt and top so that he could model it for W.  He came back with some whiny answer that the skirt probably wouldn't stay up.  sighhhhhhh........ Now you'd think a good slave would just say "yes ma'am" and make it work.. but not drakor.. never drakor.. he really acts (sometimes) like a spoiled lil slavey boy.  

On the weekend I was asking my girls if they had any idea where I could find brooch backings - so that I could make a flower brooch for a boringly grey dress I have.  (which is true - I did buy a bright red silk rose to pin to it to add a punch of colour)  They suggested Walmart (ugh) .......... So W suggested after he and i have lunch together that we head over and see if i can find these brooch backings.  While we are at walmart - I am hoping to find some supplies to make a tack roller (I am feeling VERY crafty) kaya's finished product encouraged me to make one......... 

So that's the plan - lunch .. walmart.. and then coffee for some (hopefully) skirt adjustments.  I will bring my camera - so you can all expect some photos tomorrow of the lil slut slavey boy.

This is the picture of the pretty pink rose I intend to use as a waist cincher for the slut skirt.


  1. "ýes ma-am I thought it was miss lol

  2. keep it up drakor........ and you will be sorry

  3. AH is it you wish not only the appearance but the demeanor of a servant or a slut? hmmm can one be a slat and polite ?

  4. drakor as you well know I have no interest in males who dress as women - for whatever reason.

    I do like to humour my friends though


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