Thursday, April 28, 2011

Red Light Green Light

Remember the game you used to play as a kid (well maybe not all of you played it) It was called Red Light Green light.  When the person who was IT called green - you were allowed to run towards them.  When the person yelled RED you had to stop.  If the person who was IT caught you moving you had to go to the beginning and start all over again. 

Well on Tuesday night my modem lights flashed RED (well just the internet light to be honest) I guess I was caught moving because I was penalized by losing my internet connection.  Now it might be interesting to note that I had the exact same problem exactly one year ago.  That problem plagued me the entire summer and well into the fall.  For 7 months to be exact.  Each time the tech came out to the house he would fuss around - looking all efficient - change wires - kick the modem and declare my problem fixed.

The only thing was ......... it wasn't fixed - which is why it went on for 7 long months.

For the winter months - when everything was buried under 10 feet of frozen tundra my internet worked like a charm.  Then last week - POOF - like magic - my internet connection was lost again.

I called the ISP and explained about last year........ explained how the problem disappeared magically during the winter months and reappeared as the thaw started.  They weren't buying it.  It had to be something else.

So I waited 48 hours for the tech to show up.  He was supposed to arrive at 9 .... he arrived at 10:40.  He followed the pattern set by all the techs I saw last year.  He fussed around .... looked very efficient in his tool belt..... changed some wires ........ kicked the modem and told me the problem was solved.

I politely asked him if he didn't mind I wasn't too confident.  He vowed he had fixed it.  I asked if he stood behind his work.  He declared he did.  THEN I said "Prove it.  Give me your phone number and the next time I have problems I will call you"

Needless to say I didn't get his phone number.

Anyway - all of that to say...... if I seem to disappear in a puff of smoke ...... never fear I'll be back - as soon as the next tech fusses around ... changes the wires and kicks the modem.


  1. i would lsuggest you change your provider but they own all teh lines around so would not do much for you .

  2. well I hear Videotron works extremely well........ I am waffling - but so close to changing.

  3. I use Primus Canada with unlimited usage AND get Air Mile points every month..


  4. I liked the part about asking for his number if he was so sure.

    That said, when I was young I played red light, green light. It surely wasn't played the way you describe and was a whole lot more fun. Indeed. It was a game for 2 people. And that's where I will leave it.


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