Saturday, April 16, 2011


Just in case anyone was unclear on what day it is................. Saturday.

I am sitting here contemplating the day - what to do??? 

The one thing I thought I would do is go shopping for a bathing suit....... because believe me the one I bought last summer ain't gonna do it for me this summer!

On Thursday W and I went  to the States for a day of cross border shopping.  I had it in my mind I might find a swim suit.  Well I found lots of swimsuits......... and I tried them on.

And I hated every single one of them!!

Either they made me feel fat or they made me look pregnant.  

That one day almost dissolved the joy I have felt at the "new" me.  almost.

But I am wondering on this cloudy cold day if I am up to another humiliating shopping trip for a swim suit.

Probably not.

Maybe a lessen in patience instead??? I could go to the big box store and see what new and improved food stuffs they have to offer and pick up some AAA batteries I need.

It's just another cloudy cold Saturday with not much to do...........


  1. At least it wasn't the season when minds turn to snow suits. That has to be a good thing.

  2. I hate swimsuit shopping!
    The only one I like is the one I bought last year for Jamaica ... it's red. :D


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