Saturday, April 02, 2011

Lazy Day

I am having a lazy's not like I don't have gobs of stuff that I could be doing......I just don't feel like it.

Hell it is almost lunch time and I am still in my pj's still playing around on the pc... "still going no where"

Wait - I did give myself a manicure and have thought about what to pack to go to Warren's - play party stuff - personal stuff - I even pulled out the toy bag.  So I guess not such a lazy day.

Eventually - hopefully - I will get off my ass and actually pack my clothes - have some food - shower and shave and pretty myself up........... 

But for right now...........

I am feeling lazy.


  1. Sloth, lust and other deadly sins. Shame, shame, everyone knows your name.

  2. Forgot what I was gonna say because I'm laughing at the comment above. :)


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