Monday, April 04, 2011

Gloomy Day

It is raining today - which might be a contributing factor to my mood - which is a long way round of saying "I am having a gloomy day today"

I have such conflicting feelings.... I should be at work - but really can't be.. Do they think I am slacking off.... I have a responsibility to my staff to my kids and I am letting them down.  Then I think how nice it is not to have to go into work.... how I can do what I want when I want on my schedule.

And more than that....... on Saturday my stomach started acting up again.  I thought maybe it was the hot dog I ate on Friday - or maybe - because in my infinite wisdom - I cut my meds in half - thinking I really didn't need it as much any more. 

Well it is Monday - I have been back on the full dose of meds since Saturday... the hot dog most definitely has left my system......... and yet my tummy is still upset.  The only positive is I have no pain........ small improvement but it just doesn't seem enough today.

Today is a day to climb back into bed and pull the covers over my head until the sun shines again - outside and inside my heart.


  1. It pretty much sucks to be you right now.

    (That statement is not in anyway meant to be snarky.)

  2. Until ALL the doctors finish getting you back into shape then STOP feeling responsible for knot being at work!!!!!!



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