Monday, April 25, 2011

Better than Chocolate

Well it was a busy busy Easter weekend !!!  Saturday went off better than expected... the family arrived on time ( with two snotty nosed grandkids unfortunately) but everyone was in a party mood and we even played Family Feud on the WII!!  It is always interesting to have my ex-husband and W socializing together! I tend to be on the receiving end of a whole lot of teasing.......... 

Sunday we headed off to youngest daughter's house to socialize with the snotty nosed grandkids again and the other side of the family.  Roast beef and lamb was on the menu and yum yum was it good !!!

(The reason I keep mentioning snotty nosed grandkids is that W and I both woke up today with the beginnings of a bug.......... I have a bad throat ... W has a runny nose..... the joys of grandkids!!)

On Sunday morning I really REALLY thought it might be a good time to try an "in house" spanking.  I brought down the toy bag to the living room....... and W was inclined to give it a try too........ 

It was amazing !!  I was over the ottoman... and W used leather straps, wooden paddles (they are still a bit hard to take as they feel as though they are crushing my new found bones in my ass) floggers and leather quirts ........ and finished up with a good fucking...... I was in seventh heaven !!  I can honestly say that spanking is better than Easter chocolate !!

And as another blogger often says - "if there aren't pictures it didn't happen"....... so here's a pic of my ass.... notice the after glow (grinning) ....... oh yeah I nearly forgot until I looked closely at the pic......... W used my tack paddle - which was deliciously painful...... I think I am gonna try making kaya's tack roller........ I really do !!!


  1. Oh Happy, Happy, HAPPY Easter :-)

    Ana xx

  2. Germ factories one and all. To be avoided at all cost.

  3. Try eating chocolate and spanking at the same time :) Messy but so much fun.


  4. So the last picture are you layinganegg!!!!lol glad you had fun

  5. Your grandkids are adorable!

    I am going to attempt the tack roller too- for a kinky friend's bday gift.

    Spankings are good as chocolate- ok maybe better. ;)


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