Tuesday, April 12, 2011


One of my pet projects at work is bullies and how to defeat them.  I was bullied when I went to school and both my daughters were bullied.  It bothered me then .. it still bothers me now.

I believe that talking to bullies and telling them it isn't nice to bully is a total waste of time.  They KNOW it isn't nice.. for god's sakes !!!  They do it because it helps them feel powerful.  

I remember telling my youngest daughter (after a terrible incident with the class bully - and no response from the teacher) that the next time this child started something - anything - that my A should finish it!!!  She did - and the bullying stopped (with that child)

It is my firm belief that if bullies got a taste of it they would run crying for "mommy".  Not a popular view - let me tell you.

I was thinking all of that last evening.  And I realized (in my opinion) that these anonymous commenters who spew their high handed opinions are nothing more than bullies.

So I am giving them all fair warning....... you come here and start any cyber bullying - I am going to stand up to you........ and expose you for what you are.... a sniveling lil bully who hides behind the computer screen feeling superior.


  1. Yeah for you!!!! abby

  2. good for you!~

  3. It may not be a popular view, (though I think it is actually widely held), but it is damn close to the total truth.

  4. treat them and their comments with the contempt they deserve xx

  5. I believe it's possible to prevent people from commenting anonymously. You can always say in your post or as a signature that anonymous comments will be deleted.


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