Thursday, April 07, 2011

Final Decision

To bring everyone up todate.. or refresh your memories,,,,,,,,,, I have an appointment with the specialist on June 8th.

Yesterday I saw my family doctor - again - to fill in the insurance papers - again.  I have  been flip flopping between going back to work on the 9th of June and not going back till September.  It is almost certain that after I see the specialist there will be at least one test... and then a possibility of more surgery (though that is not a given)  So I asked my family doc when she thought the test would be done - in June?? July??? 

She decided that the best thing is for me to stay off until at least the 22nd of June (she expects to have a report from the specialist by then) and then she said she would inform the insurance that I will not return to work until September.

So now I have to make an appointment with my principal and get my replacement to do all the stuff that should be done before June 24th (end of school) so that I don't go back in September to the mess that faced me this September.  Then......... well then I guess I start my summer break early.  

I guess that is a good thing....... if I could just get over feeling guilty about it......


  1. Don't feel is better that you go back full of health and fighting fit...seems to me you need to be like that in your job.....that's why workplaces have insurance.
    And make the most of your early summer break......enjoy, rest, relax and get even better.

  2. Guilt is a useless emotion, most especially when you've done nothing for which you ought to feel guilty. You surely did not choose the ailments that have beset you this year, and have done all that has been required and recommended to heal and recover. The fact that doing that is taking longer than you hoped or anticipated is not your doing and so you are not to blame. Hence, no guilt. I'd say it is time to settle in, focus on your own wellness, and let life carry you into the summer and onto next year. It will all be there when you can get back to it.


  3. Ordalie11:55 pm

    Feeling guilty because you are unwell? For God's sake!!!

  4. Guilt is my biggest problem in life... :/


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