Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Spring showers bring May flowers - or so the saying goes.  BUT it is the end of April and we are having much more than spring "showers" - we are having sleet ........ and just north of us - snow!!

We are expecting 40 mm of rain today - for those of you who don't do metric - that converts to about 1.57 inches of rain.  When I look at the conversion I have to admit it doesn't sound nearly as bad as 40 mm!!

But it is dreary - and truthfully - I have had enough of dreary!!!

I so want spring.......... with green lawns and budding plants and warmth on my body when I go out in the sunshine.  I have promised baby daughter I will go out to the island and help transform a dreary mud pile in the front of their new home to some semblance of garden terrace.  I am so ready to be doing that .......... better than being stuck inside cleaning - yet again!!

I was thinking maybe this dreary weather is getting to me more this year because I am sitting at home.  When I am working I guess I hardly notice the weather - no time.  And other than being stuck inside with antsy kids the rain doesn't normally bother me.  So I will put these doldrums down to being stuck at home - in limbo - waiting for something to happen.

Easter is this weekend - time for a family dinner here at "granny's" ......... I have a purple table cloth and yellow place mats to put on the dining table.  If Mother Nature won't provide spring colours I can at least make a good ole try at it !!  And perhaps some spring flowers for the table will lift everyone's spirits.

And who knows - maybe ??? - over the weekend there will be time for an Easter spanking......... now that might be fun.........


  1. I have heard the easter bunny leaves many things behind just never saw the dude in his leathers nor with a paddle in his hand!!!!!

  2. I wish that we could do a weather swap. We are having another (this is the third year in a row) super dry April. A hell of a lot of the new plants are dying or already dead. All that work from winter and early spring just wasted. I think we both need each others weather right now.



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