Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sneak Preview

Well I am a whole lot more organised than I thought I would be on Thursday!  Other than stuffing the turkey and popping it in the oven - doing the veggies and potatoes - and of course getting myself ready....... Everything is ready for the invasion of the family.

So I thought I would share with you a sneak peek of the dining room - cause ya all know once the kids arrive pandemonium will reign supreme and the tranquility of the setting will vanish. 

Every holiday and big family event wouldn't be the same without a centerpiece - and W always supplies the floral arrangement.  This arrived yesterday for the table.  Can you see the yellow "pot" it is in?? that is actually a lil yellow bucket !!!  OMG it is just too cute.  W says I am not allowed to play in the puddles with it until after Easter !!

This is dessert - well for the adults............. the kids always seem to prefer cupcakes (see pic below) Nothing very special about the cake - it is an orange cake - W's second favourite flavour - after lemon.

The table is set .......... AND.......... the lil quiz from the other day answered.  Some of you were dead on....... well except you said chocolate eggs and they are jelly beans. 

I have to wonder how much turkey and trimmings will be eaten when the grandkids see the candy   

And finally Miss Ashes - if you notice the mouth - she is busy yipping at me because I called her to turn so I could get a pic of her face........ she is too busy guarding house and home to pose for a picture and didn't hesitate to tell me so !!!

The reason she feels it is necessary to guard house and home is because yesterday we had an unexpected visitor at the patio door........... 

Miss Ashes was not pleased in the least !!  Though the lil kitten didn't seem to be phased by all the hooting and howling Missy was doing....... and took up residency for the entire day in our yard.

So that is your sneak preview of our Easter celebrations scheduled to start in 4 1/2 hours.  What fun!!!


  1. Turkey for easter dinner?

  2. Happy Chocolate day (one of my favourite days of the year :) )


  3. though i agree with Buffalo turkey why not Bunny Rabbit you get four drumsticks then or maybe bambi would be nice giggles okay had my fun

    Happy Easter!

  4. What a grammie you are!! Everything looks wonderful!

    Happy Easter. :)

  5. It all looks beautiful...I hope you a have lovely day


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