Thursday, April 21, 2011


Ok... it's enough now Mother Nature - when I opened the curtains this morning it was .....SNOWING!!
Enough is enough....... 

Yesterday  I decided not to let the weather get to me... I pulled on a rain coat and made my way through the gale type storm to go shopping.  I had an idea and when I get an idea nothing stands in my way......... 

Six dollars later (thank god for dollar stores) I was home drying off........

Then I got busy being crafty - for our family Easter dinner........

Here's a little quiz for you......... what are they going to be used for ????   and no it is not for jelly shots or shots of anything.. this is a FAMILY dinner folks!!! 


  1. Anonymous1:14 pm

    At my home we would use them for Zabaione, an Italian desert made with egg and sugar.

  2. i know i know but not telling!!!!

  3. Holding the colored egg?

  4. Buffalo; your mind!!!! I already told everyone they are for a FAMILY party - not an Xrated one!!

    Andrew - nope not an Italian dessert

    drakor - you had better not tell - seeing as I already told you all about it..

    Blazng - close - but close is only good in horseshoes (cheeky grin)

    and I realized I won't be able to post the picture answer until Sunday ...... so see ya all here on Sunday

  5. @Mr Upton Ogood - god you scared me popping up like that |!! good to see you - but geeez next time don't creep up on me like that!!! so many questions and no time.. lost your email addy btw....

    and NO it is not a haggis holder ewwwwww.... gross

  6. water? no can't be anything so obvious. Fill them with chocolate eggs? We don't do this kind of thing so lack inspiration for ideas

  7. Ok...sorry...thought I coughed upon entering. ;-)

    Ok...seriously (if you can believe it), they sort of look like egg cups. But eggs for dinner? Perhaps a table setting with candy/nuts ?

    (I've been here all along...nothing inspiring to say during your "off" time...and a reluctance to intrude)

    G'bless...I'm at the mruptonogod at gmail. com address if you need me

  8. Well, since egg cups have gone , i wil say little vases for bunches of delicate spring flowers..........
    or failing that i have a set similar to those....minus the ribbon.....that i have candles in.
    have a wonderful Easter Holiday


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