Friday, April 01, 2011

Vanity thy name is woman

Way back in September when I was facing the BIG birthday......... I went through a frantic "I don't want to grow old" stage. Or maybe a better phrasing would be "I don't want to LOOK old".

I booked an appointment for a makeup make over in October - which I had to cancel cause that was when the gallbladder started acting up and I was in no shape for make overs of any sort!

Well here it is 6 months later (about 30 pounds lighter) and I look at my face - especially when I am going out somewhere (I do clean up rather nicely) and scowl...... and yes I know scowling should not be done - it creates wrinkles (but at this point in my life - it is too late to worry about wrinkles!!)

The one thing I hate about my face (well one of the things) are my eyebrows.  I had the odd characteristic when I went through menopause of losing most of my body hair and gaining it in other places.  My eyebrows - which used to be thick and arched (naturally) and a nice blond brown colour - have changed into long spikes of hair of indeterminate colour that won't be beaten into submission.  I can pluck and trim and lather with crazy glue to get them to lie down.......but within an hour or so they start to spring up and out and I look like some crazy lady with spiky eyebrows!!!

This past week - on one of my shopping trips - I discovered a new makeup joint at the local farmer's market mall.  I wandered in and before I knew it - I had booked an appointment for a makeup makeover that will include what to do with these damn eyebrows !!!!  I am going this morning........ 

I half wonder if it won't be a waste of time and money.  I tend to prefer no makeup - except for a little eyeliner and mascara.  But what the hey!!!  Maybe she will work wonders on this old face and have me looking like I belong on the cover of some magazine.  What I do hope she can work wonders on .... are my eyebrows.

I have taken a "before" shot........ and I will take an "after" shot - hopefully there will be a difference !!



Ohhhhhhhhhh Vanity - thy name is woman!


  1. Anything I say is going to get me in trouble so ....

  2. I have a *thing* about my eyebrows and other people's eyebrows are one of the first things I notice. I hope your pampering is fun and makes you feel great.

  3. They did a fantastic job on your brows!
    Maybe I should go see them ....

  4. They did a fantastic job! You have a great arch, by the way.

  5. Wrinkles are laugh lines and you seem to have had your fair share!

    Whoops.......that came out wrong!


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