Sunday, April 10, 2011


This is a short and sweet clarification on my blog entry on intimacy for everyone who thought I was intentionally, or not intentionally, trying to hurt Warren.  Or those who suggested I was not communicating in an appropriate manner.

This blog sometimes is nothing more than my working things out ....... I DO have orgasms from pain.. but it has been bugging me since the summer (where I was bottoming and NOT with Warren!!)  why the orgasms I had during a session wasn't enough, why I was left twitching.

Nothing more .. nothing less.


  1. I didn't find anything inappropriate in your post.

  2. Some people really don't get that this blogging thing is sometimes just a place to vent your thoughts and work things out do they :/
    They need to stop taking everything you say so literally.
    Thank you for letting us in and sharing your ups and downs with us.

  3. Anonymous9:00 am

    I get that a blog is a place to work out your stuff. But it seems like Warren is your partner again.

    That's why it seemed a little less than kind to discuss your lack of sexual satisfaction on your blog prior to discussing it with him.


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