Wednesday, April 06, 2011


This morning I received an email from Eden  Now I am not so naive to believe all the praise that email lavished on me.  However they did offer me something to think about.......

They wanted to know if I would review some of their sex toys.

It didn't take me all that long to think about it..... I mean honestly - what fun!!!  They will send me different sex toys to try out and then write a review - my opinion.  There is a whole thing about commissions if any of you decide to purchase toys from them based on my blog.... but that doesn't bother me one way or the other.  I have never been a salesperson........ (in fact back in my late teens I did some sales work - and quit after 5 days because I just couldn't do any arm twisting) 

But I have the qualifications to do the basic job...... I love masturbating and love trying new sex toys - often wishing I had a whole mess of extra cash to try out some of the new toys on the market - and I love writing - AND - as I am finding it harder and harder to write daily - this should help.  Oh and the best part....... I don't have to write a dry review - I can write it erotically which should be fun too 

So ......... one of these days ......... when you drop by to see what is happening on The Adventurous Journey....... you will find some new erotic writings (and some links to the Eden Fantasies website)



  1. I've never been any good at sales either; my "if they want then they want it, if not oh well" mentality does not help. :)

  2. and who twisted your arm lol


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