Thursday, August 06, 2009

In the beginning......

In the beginning Sir and i didn't have very many toys. i decided - with the help of another submissive - to surprise Sir with a homemade rope flogger.

i bought the softest of ropes. i bought a ring for the handle and i proceeded to make the flogger. When it was finished i presented it to Sir. He was delighted, surprised, and well a bit flustered if truth be told - as Sir hadn't ever used a flogger before (being the Bondage Guy). It took some getting used to for Him....... for me there was nothing but disappointment.

It was just too soft, too delicate, too sensual??

So i set to work to toughen it up. i put a knot in the end of each fall. Then i put another knot on each fall. And then finally a third knot on each fall. THEN it was finally tough enough for my liking. Fortunately by that point Sir had figured out how to swing it.. and it all just fell together beautifully.

The length of the falls is exactly 18 inches........ and there are 30 falls with 3 knots each so that makes 90 knots in total.

It hits hard and bites into the skin - well the knots do.

It is the one flogger that has brought me to my knees in tears. And it is the one flogger that for some reason hasn't been used all that often - since our toy collection has grown. So i decided to bring it out of mothballs, dust of the cobwebs and bring it to camp. It is simple - not all that pretty to look at - but damn it gets the job done !!


  1. look DELICIOUS!!

    D. had a HUGE range of floggers - it was sort of a "hobby" making them. No old leather or sueade piece of clothing was ssfe from him in our house.

    Each carries with it its own burst of sensation - from soft to wickedly harsh -

    impressed that you made that yourself!

  2. A testimony to patience and hope... It seems a good beginning to me :-) I hope it (and you) will have fun at camp!

    Hugs, swan

  3. It doesn't have to be "pretty" to be effective. :)

    That flogger looks quite delicious I must say.


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