Sunday, August 09, 2009


This flogger is prickly. i can't think of a better word to describe it. It is made of blue plastic falls that are 23 inches long and there are 18 falls.

We bought this one up in Ottawa at some event we were there for. We had purchased earlier a small one exactly the same and Sir uses that one mostly on my breasts. i gave it such rave reviews that when we saw the bigger one we just had to buy it.

Ahhhhhh can i say bad move??!! The big one is unmerciful. It cuts and stings and bites. And often times when Sir is finished using it on me .. my ass is covered in tiny pin prick type bruises. Why i packed it for camp i do not know........... must be the masochist in me!!

So that my dear friends are the floggers that have gone to camp with us. Of course many other toys have come to camp too...... whips and crops and ropes and candles oh my !!!

i'll see ya all tomorrow (in person) so to speak....... and fill ya all in on the details !!!

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  1. hope your weekend went wonderfully well! and looking forward to hearing all about it@


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