Saturday, August 15, 2009

More about toys

One of the things.... after all these years.... that we did not have....was someway of transporting our toys to parties... to events. So before we went to camp this year i made a concerted effort to find a toy carrier. Talk about convertible to pervertable - i found this plastic tube at a local art store. It is adjustable and can elongate to over 4 feet which means the sjambok and the whips have lots of room.

Sir found some hooks that attach to plastic (thank god) and that means that our floggers and crops etc can be hung inside and be easily accessible.

This weekend i asked Sir what toys i should bring over......... but He reminded me that the toys in the tube were still at the house and i should just bring my ass..............

Remember i told you that Sir brought a rubber strap last weekend??? i didn't take any pictures of it........ maybe cause i was hoping if i didn't acknowledge it in pictures then maybe it didn't exist?? or maybe it would disappear???

But guess what ....... it does exist and it didn't disappear........ So this morning... after Sir had a good go at my ass with it.... i took a picture for ya all to see.

Yeah yeah i know.. it doesn't look like much.. yeah yeah i know it doesn't look like it could hurt much........ i am more than willing to welcome volunteers to come and try it out.. honest!! and should you find you LOVE this lil rubber strap........ i will gladly sneak it out of the house and make sure you take it home........ honest !!!


  1. Folks, do you know that My littleone wanted Me to do? cut that wonderful rubber strap in half, WHAT was she thinking?? Oh I know, Me having TWO straps going at her ass the same time..

    Hummm, I will have to think about that or just ask the maker of the large one to make the matching small set..

    Owner of morningstar

  2. grins... how you read her mind, Sir! and morningstar, that looks DAMN ouchies to me - my butt is tingling in commiseration.


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