Monday, August 17, 2009


i am on flex hours this week. i spent 5 hours in my new office today trying to sort out things.. like where files were (the girl i am replacing didn't leave happily shall we say) where the registrations were, where a bloody pair of scissors could be hiding!!

About mid morning my new principal brought in two ladies to meet me. Turns out they are part of my new staff. i was thinking good now someone can explain to me how things worked around here..and where stuff is.

Imagine my surprise when one of the ladies told me that the last 2 days of school were spent shredding piles and piles of documents!!! WTF?! They looked around my office and told me of the numerous things that had disappeared............ like the brand new computer chair??!!! (i have a chair and it is damn nice - a sight better than what i am use to .. but still .. WTF??!!)

i heard a horror story about an employee who didn't get her own way - wasn't happy about it .. and the person responsible for her unhappiness came out one evening to find her windshield broken. Of course no one saw it happen.. and it is only rumour.... but still WTF???

i heard of possible maneuvering of funds........ how some families paid cash and their children never made it onto the roles........... and the cash... well it disappeared. WTF??!!

i spent 5 hours in my new office.. i got an earful... i worked till the sweat ran down my back sorting things out... throwing out things.. moving boxes and boxes of empty binders to the staff room with a note attached "If you can use these - help yourself". i even managed to scrounge a filing cabinet - which when emptied will be moved into my office. The janitor is scratching his head wondering where the hell i am gonna put it. He doesn't know about my last office - how small it was. This one looks absolutely palatial in comparison. So i dragged a bookshelf out of the office - put it in the main room et voila - room for the filing cabinet.

i spent a couple of hours this afternoon in the dollar store and Staples purchasing all sorts of necessary stuff and damn the cost. i told the principal about the shredded papers, about the lost monies, and told her i was going shopping.

Come Monday when the rest of the staff starts arriving, when my staff pops in for a visit, they are gonna see a brand spanking new office - fully equipped and ready to rock and roll.

But i have to admit .. i am still sitting here thinking WTF?!


  1. :-((

    Owner of morningstar

  2. It sounds like an uphill battle. I know you will be wonderful, but this is a difficult way to begin...

    hugs, swan

  3. Frustrating yes, but all the easier to make it YOURS.

    Shredding files? How can they get away with that?


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