Saturday, August 08, 2009


This flogger is made of suede and actually the falls are dark green - even i, never noticed that, until i set it up for a picture. The handle is wooden - turned like a spool (i think that is what they call it)

Now this flogger was supposed to be our sensual one.. a warm up toy....... after all it is suede and soft .. BUT i find it heavy and it just about knocks the breath out of me when Sir swings it.

The falls are 21 1/2 inches long and there are 32 falls. Now i don't know a whole lot about the mechanics of floggers or whips or toys in general.. but i am thinking that the number of falls is what makes it hit so damn hard... thuddy actually.

It is a nice looking flogger that often gets rave reviews from the 'peanut gallery'

i like it cause with it being so damn heavy...... it wears Sir out before i wear out (cheeky grin) which does seem - from time to time - to be a definite advantage.

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  1. Sounds nice, that description has bought on that "I want one" feeling :)

    Isn't it kind of satisfying, when you can get your Top/Dom(me) all out of breath and a bit sweaty.



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