Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Camp roundup

These are the promised pictures from camp........... sort of a camp roundup

This is the B&B we stayed at......... and they had llamas !!! AND ragweed AND golden rod.. i sniffed by way through the weekend......

Ok - the promised pics of me in all my glory (fet wear that is) ....

i didn't much like the pictures of me in my maid's apron.... not because Sir didn't take great shots.. but because there was something about seeing my saggy tits and bulges hanging out that just made me cringe and remember why i am on the new eating plan!! BUT these work - well.... for me!!

The above shot was me hanging about in my black dress (can you call something THAT short a dress??!!! if you look closely you can see the chains running from the top of the dress upwards where they clipped to a black lace collar.

and here i am sitting reading quietly just before the Saturday evening formal dinner.. in my Story of O dress. The back of the dress from the waist down is fastened with hooks and eyes so that it can be easily opened.... the edges of the bottom hem have hooks that fasten to eyes in the sleeves of the dress so that when i am up on any equipment the dress looks somewhat like a butterfly with it's wings spread. The neck line is fastened with a long drawstring which allows Sir to undo it quickly and easily to expose my breasts - should He wish.

This was Friday night with P playing with me... there is something about playing with a woman .......... hard to find the words actually - they just play differently than males.... and ohhhhhhhh dear lord when she dug her long nails into me.. i thought i had died and gone to heaven !!!

This is a picture of the small canoe paddles P used.

Now here are some pictures of the other activities that happened at camp.........

There was suspension.................

And pussy casting........

ok.. pussy casting.. how to explain.... sort of like making a cast of one's face (for a mask) except they do it on the pussy. The poor submissive who volunteered to be the demo pussy - had to lie with her legs over her head - her pussy more or less exposed for 90 minutes !!! Eventually the Dominants started taking turns supporting her legs... Sir offered up His cap to cover her face .... and there was a frantic search for a straw so the poor girl could get some fluids into her... 90 minutes in the mid day sun - even if it is only in the low 70's is a bit dehydrating !!

Then there was a whole mess of play piercing (not something i had any urge to get into) If you are the least bit squeamish about needles and pierced skin i suggest you skip the next couple of shots.........

This is the process - the needle through the skin....... fishing wire adorned with beads is threaded through the needle........ and finally tied off with a final bead.

The finished product. It looked really nice - and the submissive said it didn't hurt at all .. not even when ...... by accident....... the thread was pulled out of the retaining bead.

And late Saturday night the bonfire was lit..................

And phoenix did her fire dance........ it is amazing to watch and unfortunately the pictures don't do it justice.......... you will just have to trust me when i say it was something to behold !

Sunday morning i was all snug under the comforters in our room.......... having a tough time waking up........ when Sir threw back the covers and the camera started clicking away...... It turns out my ass was nicely bruised .. and Sir was gonna make sure He got pictures of the "event" for me............ (cheeky grin) i wear the bruising proudly even today - 4 days after the event!!!

And that dear friends was our weekend at camp...................

i will say i have had some trouble readjusting to civilization again....... am missing Sir terribly (He has been up to His eye teeth in work - and the train club - and today is off to Kingston with the 78th Frasers for an overnight visit to the Fort)

What i have experienced the last couple of days is very similar to sub drop (probably had a whole mess of that too - as i never did seem to come down while we were at camp) ...... But today things are improving and i might just get the laundry finished, the ropes untangled (don't ask!!) and start thinking about a work meeting i have this evening...........


  1. Thank you so for sharing the pictures of camp!
    It is easy to see you had a wonderful time..

  2. Such lovely photos!
    You looked beautiful (as always).
    Thank you and thank Sir for sharing your wonderful weekend with us.

  3. sighs, what great pictures and such amazing memories ... I envy you your weekend but am so glad you had a wonderful time!

  4. i agree- absolutely lovely! i love your outfits too! camp looks like so much fun- especially the way you describe it all.. thank you and your Sir for sharing!


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