Monday, August 10, 2009

We're back !!

And i can see you didn't miss me much (cheeky grin)

i have to thank selkie for coming to my rescue with last Friday's post and the nonsense that developed from Christina........ IF anyone is interested .. i did a little recon work and her mentor is an online chat buddy.... and Christine is into (it would appear) online sex games - and older married men.. so... as a final comment on the whole Christina Abuser thing... we will all play nice and ignore any further misguided comments she makes.

NOW... the big news...

yes yes i did..

However i have to admit staying in a B&B was absolutely the best idea Sir has had in a long time !!!! The weather was glorious during the day - sunny and in the low 70's .. which - the minute the sun started to disappear from the sky - plunged the temps down to the 40's/ 50's... so the thought of a nice big warm bed in a nice warm B&B made the evenings acceptable. (However as a side note... the organiser of this event who recommended this particular B&B might have mentioned they were vegans and 7th Day Adventists!!! No fet stuff or toys came into the building.. AND.. No eggs or bacon for breakfast !!!)

i am sitting here (early early) Monday morning wondering where to start.............. it was such an amazing weekend !! It started Friday evening with Sir offering my ass up to another Domme who was there... a sweet woman.. with a knack for whipping that surpasses anything i have ever experienced.. She would tease me with the whip.. wrapping it around my body.. dragging it ever so slowly across my body.. making my body shiver and tremble from the feelings.. from the need.. She would crack it loud and furiously behind me.. then trail it down my back and across my tits... building the anticipation and the need in me..............

And then when i was least expecting it...

it hit.

and it hit again and again...

and my body trembled and craved and begged for more...

Sir of course did not leave my side - which always makes me feel safe and protected no matter who He hands me off to play with. And He was furiously taking pictures (which explains the extraordinary shot of the whip just connecting with my body above.) P finished off with some small wooden canoe paddles (best way to describe them) asking me how many i wanted to take........ i was hesitating cause truthfully folks i wasn't too sure how to put 2 words together to make a sentence by that point... and P said between 1 and 10 and i shouted out 10 (honestly cause i think it was the last word i heard and it stuck) .. P had me count them out and ask for the next one.. and she tried to sneak in one or two extra..

After hugs all around.. i asked Sir (more like i begged Sir ) for some of the sjambok cause i was soooooooo close.. i was teetering on the edge and oh so wanted to drop over and sail away..........

So Sir pulled out the sjambok and stripped my ass further.. leaving me breathless and goofy (no comments from the peanut gallery - thank YOU very much !!)

Formal thank yous all around.. lots of nice snuggling... tucked into the car and driven back to the B&B .. tucked into bed under a lovely big quilt and the first night of camp came to splendid close.


of course i have every intention of telling you all about Saturday and all the other play.. and show you (cause you asked for them) pics of me in my fet wear... but in installments i think... nodding yup.. in installments !!


  1. Well!
    Your weekend sounds really wonderful. I am so glad that you had a good time!
    I guess I missed the crazy Christina business. I was reading, but not looking at your comments. I think Selkie did a great job of taking that nutty stuff on. She was way more reasonable and patient than I would have been.

    Welcome home! I missed you.

    Hugs, swan

  2. im glad you both had sooo much fun too! i agree with swan- selkie did an awesome job with christina... i still for the life of me dont understand why some people feel the need to put their 2 cents in when they obviously dont understand the dynamics of this lifestyle... why not read, if you dont agree/ like it/ whatever, click out and dont read the journal again.
    easy as pie, seems to

    anyway, im glad you are back and i cant wait for more stories AND pictures!
    ( just so you know- i think you are a big MEANY putting this into installments!
    hugs, Hisflower

  3. You're positively GUSHING (dirty joke totally intended)!
    I am glad you had a wonderful time, and I look forward to more pictures and stories.

    "This one time, at BDSM camp .... "

    Sorry, i'm in a wicked mood.
    *cheeky grin*

  4. that sounds awesome.... and I'm glad, really glad, it is living up to your hopes and the enjoyment is as you wanted!

  5. and np about the weirdo; I initialy blew my top off but then realized how whacky she was so calmed down!


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