Friday, August 28, 2009


That's me... exhausted.... too pooped to pop............ and the end is so close.......

7 days ago i walked into my new job............. i have a beautiful office ...... i have a beautiful view from my office windows... and i have nothing else.

It took 24 hours to get the computer transferred over to me....... it took another week almost to get it working properly............

i have had 3 formal meetings and more pop in type meetings than i can count.

i have almost 400 children to sort out not one of whom i know........ not one record on any of them... (i have been told SHE spent the last two days at the school shredding papers) i need 20+ staff and she left me a list of 40 some odd people who worked for her.... she screwed up the staffing and has left me to sort it out and be the bearer of bad news to many.

i have stared at a computer screen till i thought i was blind...

i have stood at a photocopy machine till i thought my legs would fall off...

i have made 400 parent hand books and 400 fee structure booklets... i have made 120 parent packs.... (leaving approximately 280 left to do today)

i have managed to enter as many kids into the database as possible and create the government attendance sheets (though there will be loads of editing to do i know!!)

The kids arrive at 7:00 am on Monday morning..........

i have pulled together yet another agenda for another meeting for Monday morning at 10:30 AND i will bake brownies for that meeting ( i baked a coffee cake for last Tuesday's meeting

i am supposed to be composed and ready by Monday at 7:00 a.m.

Last evening i went out to dinner with Sir and vanilla friends..... in the car coming home i said i didn't have a clue when i would get packed to go to Sir's this weekend.. that i would probably have to come over late Friday night... Sir said He would come here for the weekend - i breathed a huge sigh of relief...... now i just have to make up some menus for the weekend and find food to cook...... but at least i don't have to pack up for the weekend (i will be doing that NEXT weekend - but i am trying to take this all one day at a time)

i haven't been reading blogs.. i have been brain dead and couldn't write here.. but i did want to check in.... let you all know i am still alive .. still breathing.. and hoping for some major stress relievers this weekend...

oh on a very positive note... my old principal has called me a few times to check up on me and pick my brain (what lil brain there is) and the staff and principal at the new school seem excited to have me and are excited by the changes i have already instituted.....

and most importantly .. i still bounce out of bed excited and anxious to get to IT....

Challenge is good.

Change is good.

who knew??


  1. Jelly6:36 am

    All the best with your 400 kids on Monday!!! And the brownies and the meetings etc. I'm sure your new job will be great!!! =)

  2. You know, Dear, I always come to a place in the process of preparing for the beginning of school where I am glad that eventually I run out of time... Because otherwise, I'd keep finding things that HAVE to be done until I'd drop dead from the exhaustion.

    Monday will come. The children will come. You will be good and welcoming and poised and gracious, and it will begin. Try to get that recharging done this weekend. You know all the dragons will still be there when you get back.

    All the best. Have a wonderful year.

    Hugs, swan

  3. Well I like the polar bear and it's position though one animal I would not think of swating on the ass.

    As for the rest of the blog having known you for so many years the worry and fear and trepidation you show now will disapper with the first fight or mis-treatment of a child and that bear that bear tht is exhausted will show it's fang and claws adn rip the evil doer apar.

    So try to enjoy your weekend get lost in the fairie land and don't worry all will be as it should be.

  4. THe weekend is here try to relax and enjoy it. Focus on your Sir and nothing more. Just breathe and enjoy the weekend.

  5. with all the craziness...sounds wonderful. Sometimes there is such joy in having purpose and making a difference! Have a wonderful RELAXING weekend, try to let go for a little bit and hope the fairies drop in...

  6. Anonymous12:11 pm

    Wow, good luck! Have a great weekend!

  7. One things for sure, your colleagues are bound to think a lot more of you than they did your predecessor. Good luck for Monday.



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