Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Business Sense

There is a BDSM club here in the Great White North and they have put out an SOS call for money (on fet life yet!!) as they can't meet their expenses for the month of August and need something like $5,000 before the end of the month (something like that) and i read the comments (which were few and far between let me tell you) and one comment jumped out at me.... Supposing you get the money needed to meet August's expenses what about September???

What is wrong with people in the lifestyle.. they get this bright idea (why not re-invent the wheel while you're at it) to open a club....... in a town where clubs have opened and closed on a regular basis - BECAUSE no one will pay the cost needed to keep the damn thing open. And still they open yet another one.. and still another one goes belly up. Have they no business sense???

Today at work, i was involved in a discussion with my new principal and one of the resource teachers about finances. i was explaining to the principal how we were going to have to trim costs and that means trimming staff. i was explaining how in the past i have always ended the year with a major surplus ........... (and unlike business where you would get at the very least a pat on the back for that....... i get my knuckles rapped cause ya know .. we can't show the governments we can actually make money - god forbid !! let's keep those government bucks rolling in ) Anyway........ that's another whole different ball of wax.. better kept for another day.........

So we are talking and i am saying that i can't believe the number of staff they hire ....... and how many hours they give them.. i did the math.. twice....... and there is no way in hell those people worked that many hours.......... didn't anyone check?? i said it was no bloody wonder they were in a deficit !!! (god i can imagine my father rolling over in his grave - HIS daughter actually understanding deficits!!)

See to me life is very simple. Business is very simple. You just don't spend more than you bring in. AND you budget .. And you plan.......... And you learn from other people's mistakes. Simple logic to me.

So why is it that these people who want to open a BDSM club don't get it?? It seems so damn simple to me. Just shut all the damn clubs down. There is obviously no money here for clubs... let the folks travel to other cities - play in the privacy of their homes or friend's homes.. and stop nagging everyone else for money to help save you from bankruptcy. Geeeeeeez.......... it makes my blood boil. You can't live a champagne life on a beer budget. When will people get it???????!!!


on a lighter note........ i heard this "money" joke the other day.........

A guy goes into a strip joint and orders up a lap dance. When she is finished he pays her and she looks at the wad of bills and says "Hey !! this is monopoly play money" The guy looks at her for a minute and says "Well seems to me those titties are fake, fake titties fake money "

ok ok i thought it was funny.


  1. AM I mistaken of did that club just move there from another location

  2. wow- talk about jumping in with both feet! you GO girl! now, will the principal listen to you? i.e. will they allow you the authority to implement the changes that need to be made - and you're right, but logic just seems to sometimes elude many people.

    and yeah, agree about the club.

  3. Seems like a rather "keep it simple" business theory to me. :)

    Oh and I loved the joke!


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