Tuesday, August 11, 2009

2nd Camp day

This blog entry is difficult.. it is so difficult to explain in bits and pieces what happened and how it affected me... As i have said so many times there is only so many ways of saying He whipped my ass....

The big thing for me about camp ....... is the total complete immersion into the lifestyle - it truly is 24/7. And it does not take long to get to the mindset.... or into a routine or pattern of behaviours.

We arrived back at camp around 9:00 am - everyone was waking up.. breakfast was just about ready........ the coffee smelled yummy wafting over the morning air. There were 3 subs that remembered me from last year (and me them of course) and we tended - when we weren't needed to cluster together up on the big porch and laugh and talk - about life mostly - but about the lifestyle.

i found this time more and more folks asked about the scene up here in the Great White North and i have to admit i was almost embarrassed to say it isn't very good. Not for those that want to play. If however stand and model is your thing then yeah.. come up here... but i knew most of the folks at camp were not into stand and model at all !!! Oh the Dominants like their slaves looking the part ...but it wasn't a HUGE issue.

The play tent is in use almost 24/7 for the weekend.. when Sir and i arrived on Saturday morning there was the familiar sound of slap slap slap coming from the play tent.... and there were submissives walking around in various stages of undress with clamps on....... It is not unheard of to see a slave mid walk to the main house be grabbed by her hair and down on her knees giving her Dominant an early morning blow job in the bright morning sun. 24/7 mindset let me tell you. And a big thing for me was to get over feeling like i was some peeping tom.

There was a vendor who had set up a tent.. and she was displaying some beautiful floggers and whips and cuffs and collars and hoods and arm sleeves ...... oh the list is endless ........ that she had made and brought to camp to sell. Sir wandered over and was looking over the toys......... i was watching Him out of the corner of my eye........ thinking we don't really need any new toys and yet longing for a new toy.........

After a bit Sir called me down to Him to try out a couple of toys that He had spotted. My ass was still a bit tender from Friday night's beating... and still had one major hard lump in it. Sir had selected a rubber slapper - rubber is not a submissive's friend ... trust me. (unless of course you are INTO rubber and wear it... then yeah ok it can be the submissive's friend) BUT as a slapper ............ no thank you very much !!!

i was required to drop 'em and bend (drop 'em cause it was still cool up on the mountain and a bare ass was not yet regulation garb) Sir was 'gentle' as He tested out the rubber slappers - deciding which ones got the reaction He wanted........ which ones felt right in His hand... which one had the nicest handle.. etc etc. When He had no need of my ass anymore i was sent back up to the porch to sit with the other subbies and gossip.

But not long afterwards Sir was standing beside me swinging His new rubber slapper wanting to use it. This is where camp differs from home.. (and i hope i can explain this) Mid morning spur of the moment slap and tickle just doesn't seem to happen when we are home.. too many other things get in the way.......... BUT at camp........ well i stood .. moved over to where Sir was standing on the porch (out of the flow of traffic)....... dropped 'em and bent over the railing and Sir went to work on my ass. The other subs glanced over and watched. And it hurt.. my god it hurt !!! Newbies and politically correct folks .. do the whole warm up toys and warm up sessions.. BUT Sir just started in on my ass .... it didn't take long ...... maybe 3 or 4 swipes of the slapper and i was barely able to stand upright. When Sir stopped and said He thought it was enough for now..... i burst into tears.. i somehow felt i had let Him down... there are others ( "the other" ) who in my mind always takes whatever is thrown at her and never cries or falls apart or anything.... i was having a very low moment.

Sir snuggled me and lectured me.. and life moved on.

We went to a rope demo - given by an assistant of Midori. Most of the demo was bondage 101 but there were a few cute ties and a couple of games. Sir did a restraint / spreader bar tie between my wrists then dragged the ropes up and used the spreader bar part as a gag (shoving it in my mouth) and tying it off behind my head. i sat that way to watch the sub twister game. Where 6 submissives .. 3 per side .. and their Dominants got involved in a bondage game. The animator would call out left leg to right arm and the Dominants had to make sure that all 3 submissives were linked together by their left leg and right arm... and on it went until it was all the submissives could do to stay on their feet. It was fun to watch and Sir told me to make a note that we should use that as a game at our next BDSM party.

i think it was after lunch (a lunch of hotdogs and salads and chili) that Sir took me into the play tent for a little whipping session. i was slowly realizing that i was having trouble focusing on anything never mind the important things. Cause ya see.... Sir kept topping up the pain levels.. when i would be slowly coming down .. He would ratch it up a notch or two all day long.

After dinner Sir said He thought i had had enough .. and i had to agree with Him cause truthfully i didn't know if i had had enough or not.. i was just content to curl up in my chair and snuggle in my cape and let the world whiz past.

However - Sir changed His mind and back to the play tent we went. It was damn cold - i remember that !!! And i begged for permission to keep my hoodie on (i had changed around 9pm from my story of O dress into warmer clothes) Any way....... Sir said yeah i could keep my snuggly on. i went up on one of the tripods and held on for dear life as Sir brought out the whip and went to work on my ass. At first almost no one was in the play tent - as they had started the giant camp fire - but it didn't take long for a crowd to gather.

There is something - and it is next to impossible for me to explain the emotions - about having a crowd watching you bare ass naked being whipped. One of the submissives i had chummed around with for the day was sitting right in front of me.. so that when i focused i could see her grinning at me.. and she has the MOST cheeky grin i have ever seen !!

i remember thinking how cold it was in the tent.. and i remember shivering .... and i remember Sir saying He thought i had taken enough and i folded ... it started internally and spread outwards till i was supported by Sir's body shivering and teeth chattering. Sir pulled my pants up and was rubbing my back and whispering in my ear........ don't ask what He was saying cause to this day i have no idea.. i just remember the soothing tone of His voice. He walked me over to J (the cheeky grinning sub) and i remember saying "my ass hurts !!" very indignantly ........ i remember saying "my ass hurts" to anyone who asked how i was............ but that is pretty much all i remember. My night was over........

We went to watch the fire for a bit...and there was a slave doing a fire dance (and if Sir brings me the pics from camp i will post the ones He took of the fire dance - it was beautiful to watch ) i got a bit panicky when i couldn't find Sir.... and it was dark and the people were just shadowy figures floating across the field... Sir guided me back to the play tent where i sat with P (the Domme from Friday night) and She rubbed my back and teased me (i think) about my sore ass.

Around midnight i believe Sir collected me and we went back to the B&B for our final night.


Tomorrow i hope to have all the pics of camp to put up........ and i will post a summary of the entire weekend.......... cause i just know i have forgotten more than i have told......... and the pictures will help me remember.

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  1. I find this absolutely fascinating; it is something I would very much have liked to do at one point - immerse yourself in dreams. So glad it went so well for you!


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