Thursday, August 13, 2009

In my secret garden

Finally ... after nearly 5 weeks of awful summer weather........... the sun has come out.. the heat has arrived..........

Sir has had (i think i mentioned this) a busy week. On Tuesday night He showed up to take me out for a quick dinner before He went off to His train club to help them tear down the set up for a move to the train exhibit this weekend... And then on Wednesday morning .......... bright and early....... He was heading off with the 78th Fraser Highlander squad to Kingston and Old Fort Henry for the sunset ceremonies. Hopefully He will be back to me today - sometime.

Yesterday morning when i opened my email - Sir had sent me a task to perform for the day. i was to put the pussy clamps on every 2 hours for 20 minutes. UGH i hate those damn clamps.. well i hate them after multiple applications !! Now He didn't give me a start time... but He did give me a stop time.. i was to stop when i left for my dinner meeting. (can i say DUH ??!! next to impossible to wear pussy clamps when i am all dressed up .. driving the car ) Anywayyyyyyyyyyy..... Sir left me some wiggle room.. and those that read here know i LOVE wiggle room.

So .......... i had decided to start the clamps at 9 (He said every two hours and i was up at 7 so 9 was a good start time no??!!) AND i decided that yesterday - being sunny and hot - was a good day to take the car for a wash and wax (something that i was told i had to do one week after the rust proofing) soooooooooo i decided i would do that on my way to the dinner meeting which cut down my clamping time by another hour (i can be so sneaky sometimes !!)

The sun was shining and hot yesterday... my secret garden was calling........ so i moved outside in my sarong ... clamps in one hand.. good book in the other.... and for the most part had a lovely lazy day reading and clamping under my red umbrella in my secret garden........... very little movement involved.. and if/when i did have to move i simply scheduled it around the 20 minute clamping time...

Oh there was one other part to this task... i had to post about it to my blog this morning......

TA DA proof positive

Today the sun is shining again.. the temperature should be up there in the 90's ... my secret garden is calling ........... no clamps today.. but my book and my red umbrella are ready........ cause ya know .. Monday morning school is calling!!!


  1. Oh my lord! What a HHNT! heheh

    Great job on being sneaky.

  2. LOL Gray you are correct... HHNT.. i have never done one before.. guess i made up for it today... LOL

  3. those are some BIG clamps!


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