Saturday, August 29, 2009

Clever slogans

A week ago Sir and i went to a munch here in the Great White North - did i tell you about it?? i don't think so .. too much else on my mind at the time..

Well the munch was held in the gay village - great place to hold a BDSM munch cause in a village dedicated to alternate lifestyles who's gonna raise an eyebrow at some rather normal looking people sitting around discussing everything from computers to the latest movie to whips and chains and service???

But that isn't the important thing.. the munch i mean. When we hit the village and had parked the car we were walking down the 'mall' (which is really the main street but closed to cars for the summer .... and opened only to pedestrian traffic - all of which makes Sir's blood pressure go through the roof - but that is another story) Hanging across the street were "clothes lines" with "clothes" hanging on them saying " let's hang out" .. on the street corners were huge .. and i do mean HUGE.. clothes pegs. And i kept thinking what a clever slogan, clever advertising.

After the fact i really didn't give it much thought........ until last night.

During the week Sir told me He had bought me a present ...... i asked what (of course!!) and was told i would have to wait (of course again!!!) It was such a busy week that i honestly didn't think anything about my "present" until last night.

Last night as i curled up in "my" chair unwinding... Sir asked me if i wanted my present. "Sure" i said - rather flippantly - i was unwinding after all....

Sir got this wicked grin and said "are you sure??!!" i said "yeah yeah i am sure" .. Sir scooted off to His bag and returned, hands behind His back, grinning like mad. i knew i was in trouble.. i also knew (from experience) there was no turning back now. Sir produced proudly a clothes peg... a clothes peg?? do you call THIS .. a clothes peg??

i figured it would take two shots to fully impress on you all the true size of this sucker..

"knees up Mother Brown" and on went the clothes peg..... Sir stood back and took shots while i held my breath (and yeah yeah i know one is not supposed to hold one's breath.. you take this clothes peg on YOUR private parts and i will remind YOU to breath)

After a few minutes Sir disappeared again.. coming back with small clothes pegs. "For contrast" He said.... "they will show how big this sucker really is" ... yeah?? ya think?? you folks wouldn't just take my word for it???

So my unwinding Friday evening was sped along with the help of my Sir and His obsession with size and proof..... (like most males right?? - cheeky grin)


  1. I NEVER scoot... Also, most women are doing the size thing too !!

    Owner of morningstar

  2. Anonymous12:58 pm

    I once saw a cloths peg like this one and intermediately thought of you, I did not buy it because it did not have enough grip to hold its own weight or exert any pain. But reading your post today I think about ways one of thee could be modified to "be of use" to you ;)

  3. I've seen GIANT wooden ones at AC Moore's but didn't buy them.

  4. Anonymous7:39 am

    OMG what a huge ummm clothespin> :) such a cute story! loved it! thank you for sharing parts of Your D/s relationship with us, your viewers. I am new to the lifestyle and enjoy reading different views and journeys.


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