Sunday, August 02, 2009

Pure Evil

It is 42 inches long...

It is 1/2 inch in diameter at the tip...

It has a beautiful braided handle..

It is called sjambok


It is pure evil...

Yesterday Sir gave me over the duration of the day 8 sessions with the sjambok.. one for each year.

At one point He showed me a picture of the stripes across my ass and it looked to me like a lined exercise book from school... and i quipped something about writing neatly on the lines..

Originally Sir had seen the sjambok on a blog that we both read regularly. He was drooling over it. So i went looking for one .. and obviously found Him one...

The history of the sjambok is.........
"In Africa, the Sjambok (Sham-Bawk) is a cattle prod, a whip, a riding crop and a means of self-protection. Unlike most western style whips, the Sjambok is not plaited from thin leather thongs. Instead, it is carved whole out of very thick Hippopotamus hide. Its considerable reach, lightning speed and devastating impact have built it quite a reputation as a sure defense against deadly snakes. Since the Sjambok is swung like a rod or stick and not cracked like a conventional western style whip, the weight, speed and flexibility of the Sjambok’s lash does all the work and little skill is required to wield it effectively. "

The sjambok that i purchased for Sir is made from a thick, beefy lash, injection molded from polypropylene and equipped with a soft comfortable Kraton handle.

All i know.... call it sjambok .. call it a whip... i call it "pure evil"


  1. And My littleone is going to LOVE every blow striking her ass and I will enjoy having My words finally written on a straight line for a change :-))

    Owner of morningstar

  2. grins... gives a new word to "do your lines"- now wasn't it customary to write out 100 lines? ducks and runs ...

  3. Looks like a serious implement. Where did you get it?

  4. Geez...I became socialized (grew up?) with the echoing phrase, size doesn't matter...and yet...the first thing ladies always comment on is: How long it is.

    Oh...and it's long AND black too.

    No wonder I'm a's -that- kind of tool. Oh, well then...never mind ;-)

    Mr. Upton Ogood, who reads but sometimes too quickly :-)

  5. It may be "pure evil'' but it produces such beautiful marks. You must have a love hate relationship with it.

  6. Wow, those are really pretty marks!


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