Monday, August 24, 2009


i titled the post Walking with the Dinosaurs as Awesome - my grandson's one word critique of the show.... i couldn't think of any better way to describe the rest of the weekend.. cause the whole thing - from start to finish was just AWESOME!!

The hardest thing about going to camp - ok maybe not about going - but about coming home is that we return to normal life. At camp Sir plays with me constantly - as the spirit moves Him - because quite truthfully there is nothing else to do but play !! But once we return to reality there are meals to make... errands to run... family to see/take of.... friends... household tasks .. the list is endless.......... and so the play kinda / sorta gets delegated to an hour here or a quick few minutes there.

This weekend turned out a little bit different. Mind you there was no major whipping session and that was ok... but Sir kept me on my toes (figure of speech not literally ) from Friday till Sunday when He left.

He bound my breasts with the leather thong - tight, tighter, tightest. Oh i do enjoy the feeling of perky breasts.. they get rock hard and the nipples stick straight out (and make a great target!!)

Sir has a small leather flogger used for pussy whipping and breast whipping that He found and hauled out ... and every so often ...... when i was least expecting it... He would have me recline on the lazy boy and go to work on my pussy.

At one point He took out a permanent marker and wrote on my "hairy" pussy (i was bad bad bad last week about keeping it clean!!) AND He wouldn't tell me what He wrote - just took a picture and told me i could see when He posted it.

i was feeling perky (like my breasts) and devilish.. so every so often when i would get up to get Him a coffee or a drink .. or anything actually... i would (as i walked out of the room) lift my tshirt and wiggle my bare ass at Him.

After one of my lil exhibitions, Sir had me come and stand by Him and He put bells on my pussy....... so when i wiggled my ass.. or walked even.. the bells would tinkle so softly. (it almost sounded like fairies dancing) Now the bells are fastened on with clamps... so i can honesty say it wasn't all fun..... but yummy it was good !!!

And then .. surprise surprise surprise... Sir had me kneel over the ottoman with the bells on (though yeah He did remove one of them). i presumed He was gonna pull out the sjambok or the rubber slapper He got at camp .... and i was steeling myself for a sound whooping.... when He told me to "spread 'em and open wide" and then He fucked me hard and fast and i kept fussing and whining about the rug and i didn't have a towel - but Sir didn't stop until i was trying to spew out the words "may i cum please Sir" and i was squirting and squirting all over the place....... even Sir was drenched and had to use my tshirt to dry Himself off.

And i cried - god only knows why i cried!!! It just felt so damn good ya know??!! so perfect... and i cried.. and then i was trying .. through the sniffing and sniveling to explain i was crying cause i was happy - not because i was sad or anything.. cause dear lord in heaven i didn't want Sir thinking i hadn't enjoyed it !!!

And Sunday i felt all comfy and loved and valued - and Sir took me out to lunch and to run some errands i thought i was gonna have to run today after school........ but we got it all done yesterday. And i went to bed knowing it was gonna be a no stress Monday.

Oh yeah........ i almost forgot....... Sir posted to His blog ........ His version of the weekend.. complete with pictures if anyone is interested ...

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  1. hugs - what a WONDERFUL weekend - and after your last post- MUCH needed stress reliever I'm thinking and a lovely, upbeat way to start your week. I saw your Sir's blog and will post later (but don't dare pull up at work LOL)- looks QUITE delicious!


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