Wednesday, August 05, 2009


On Friday, Sir and i are heading off to our annual BDSM summer camp. So today i have been busy getting organised - making lists, pulling out fet wear (explanation to follow), toys, regular clothes and on and on we go.

The thing about the fet wear - before i get too carried away - in the past i have never brought fet clothes. We were camping and somehow fet clothes just didn't seem to fit in with rain boots and jeans and sweaters and tents and sleeping bags.... i figured my fet wear was my "birthday suit".

This year (after 2 two very wet VERY cold years) Sir booked us a room in a local B&B for the nights. (see me do the dance of joy!!) And last year i noticed that a lot of the submissives changed into fet clothing at least for the formal dinner on Saturday evening. A couple of years ago one of the submissives modeled her entire wardrobe of fet clothing - i swear she did nothing but put on an outfit - strut her stuff - change and strut her stuff some more. i never once saw her up on a cross or over a spanking bench....... but i digress. Last year i pitched in and helped get all the Friday night dishes washed....... and swore i should have brought my apron. So this morning that was the first thing i brought out, my maid's apron ... all frilly and white and very see-through. Something Sir had me make - ohhhhhhhhhh - about 8 years ago for a tea some Dominant was hosting and i was serving at. Then i found one of my corsets (thank god it fits again!!) and a dress with collar and chains, and a black silk shirt and panties with chains. i am not entirely sure i will wear all or any of the clothing ... but i am bringing it with me this year!!

Then i went downstairs and started to pull out toys that i thought Sir might like to bring with us. i am never entirely sure what toys He wants, or what toys He will crave. Sometimes i think i should just pack the whole damn lot and be on the safe side. However, as we are crossing the border, and i do have to disguise most of the toys (rolling eyes - ever tried to disguise a flogger??) i am picking and chosing.

Having all the toys laid out in the living room got me to thinking. Swan - over on the Heron Clan site - has, from time to time, done a review of certain toys. Her latest edition was depicting their floggers. i thought she had a great idea to review toys, and decided to follow suit. Picking a toy and writing a review about it.

So starting tomorrow i will review a flogger a day (the ones going to camp that is),

On Friday i have a post on BDSM versus Abuse scheduled to go up..... cause that whole bit about Sir being called an Abuser is still sticking in my craw. And hopefully i will get enough posts scheduled to take you all through till at least Sunday - and i will be back on Monday with a review of our adventures at camp. (how's that sound?? )

Aren't i just so organised??!!


  1. first, LOVE the idea of your reviewing your "toys"- granted it makes me jealous as hell.. sighs sadly. BUT, I can then live vicariously through YOU.

    I think it a good idea you brought some fet wear too. If I remember last year you were a little vexed you didn't at least bring something for the formal dinner.

    Your weekend sounds like it is going to be FUN - specialy since you get to enjoy the nights in a B&B LOl

    and your Sir is the FARTHEST thing from being an abuser! I don't think anyone meant anything nasty - people just don't get the whole we like being beaten thing (or at least I did - it's so far back in my memory I have to dredge, sighs sadly agian - poor subby selkie - no one wants her!)

    would totally LOVE a pic of the frilly apron AND birthday suit (winks evilly... Sir??)

  2. GOS is an abuser lol

  3. Have a great time at the BDSM camp. I read your comments on Selkie's post and found them very interesting.

    And I'll look forward to your comments on the difference between abuse and BDSM. Your Sir certainly isn't an abuser and I hope you don't let whoever said that bug you too much. Just ignore them.

  4. Yay for staying at a B&B! I hope you have a wonderful time.

    Bringing some fet wear is a great idea - even if you don't make use of the clothes, at least you'll have some options.

    Your Sir an abuser? Seriously?? That's gotta be a joke... or a comment from someone who doesn't know much about the dynamics of your relationship.

    I remember that frilly apron! You wore it one time when you had me over for dinner.

  5. i hope you both have a wonderfully amazing time and beautiful weather! yea for the b&b!gotta love having a nice soft bed to sleep in at night and indoor
    anyone who thinks your Sir is an abuser has not read your or His journals.. the depth of caring and love between the two of you is amazingly clear. like the others have said- shrug those comments off, they come from someone who obviously does not understand the dynamics of this kind of relationship.
    go for your weekend with your smile on your face and butterflies in your belly ( i can only imagine they are there no matter how many times you have gone to this event! look forward to the stories ( and pictures!) when you come back.

  6. Those clothes sound so lovely. Panties with chains? Who knew?

    Yes, you are very organized. I'm glad I'm not alone in that one. I have posts scheduled a month in advance! Not that I'm going away or anything; I write them as they come to mind then space them out 2 days apart. Anal - that's me!

    Have a super weekend!


  7. Yes. You are ridiculously organized. I am trying to not get too concerned about how organized you are -- LOL!

    It sounds like you will have a great time, and I think the B&B is a fabulous idea. Way to go, Sir!

    I always seem to pack way more in the way of clothing for BDSM events than I ever do for regular vanilla travels. That seems just weird considering that I mostly end up being naked in the dungeon. But, it is part of the celebration atmosphere I think. We dress up for the party, and that's a good way to affirm ourselves as a community worth a celebration. So wear your fet gear with pride and joy.

    As for that "abuser" comment, sheesh! What can you say to someone who is clearly an idiot?

    Have a wonderful time.


  8. Warren abusive?

    What horseshit!


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