Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Blog Personality

The other day - after i had written the "rant" - i read another blog - cherish’s actually - where she asks if your personality matches your blog..... it got me really thinking...... i was already on that tract.. re-evaluating my blog and what i write..... but cherish's post refocused my thinking a bit.

IS my personality coming through in my blog??

i think it was........ maybe it still is..... maybe it just needs a little tweaking.......... i wasn't going to post until i got it all worked out.. i wasn't!

But then the fates changed my plans....... you see i received an email from one of my readers... actually i had originally sent Him one.. because of a comment on one of my blogs.. He made me laugh when i dearly needed to laugh at myself... it felt good... and i wrote to thank Him... He said a couple of important things to me..

1) He enjoys reading my blog - said it was a fun read
now you see.. that touched me.. cause i like to think - for the most part - i AM a fun person. And god i wanted that to come through in my blog. Life is just too damn serious most of the time! And as someone once said - "You ain't gonna get out of it alive! " When i come home from work i need very little....... i need quiet and peace in my home.... i need laughter .. to wash away some of the nightmares that follow me home from work occasionally.... i need the pain/pleasure that only Sir can give me .. to refocus my mind on what is really important in life......... and once i have those things i can be let loose on the vanilla world once again......
When i am with Sir .. most of the time .. i am a little devil.. yes i stamp my foot.. and pout.. and whine.. and wiggle and squirm and cause Him headaches.. and know what else?? i play!! i play and laugh and have fun!! Sir says i am like a child.... and i know i make Him laugh too.....and i think Sir plays too.. after all.. there was the challenge of the 103 toothpicks right??!!....i am glad that the fun side comes through in my blogs

2) He said that i wasn't a stupid lil anything....
which was very nice to hear...... i don't think i am stupid.. some times i make stupid mistakes.... and sometimes i can feel stupid........ but i know i am not....... and i am very glad that it comes through in my blog........

3) And He said that occasionally my blog turns Him on....... said it was an added plus....
NOW that one i am struggling with........ i have never thought that i turn people on... i am naive that way......... once upon a long time ago....... i had a dear male friend who was helping me deal with this sexuality thing......... and He pointed out to me that in the most innocent ways i turned men (and on occasion women) on. i was shocked.. i wanted to find a deep hole.. climb in and pull the top in after me........... i NEVER wanted to be thought of as - god forbid - a cock teaser! (do they have an expression "pussy teaser"??) i wanted to know what it was i did that made men see me as a sexual thing....... (mind you.. in my humble opinion it doesn't take much to have men see anything in a skirt as a sexual thing.. ok ok.. no MEN BASHING!!! ) i remember Him grinning at me and saying.... "just looking into your eyes can do it"... wellllll i most certainly couldn't poke out my eyes now could i???!!
i have .. over the years.. come to realize i am a very sexual person.. i like sex.. no wait.. i LOVE sex! Once when i was "trainee" and Sir used to make me sleep on the floor beside His bed....... i said to Him....... "now see.. if and when i have a Master.. He will not make me sleep on the floor......... i would wiggle so nicely.. flutter my eyelashes just so.. and give Him such a wonderful blow job that He would want me in the bed with Him.. at His disposal all night long".. (ok ok !!! that was MY fantasy!!! ) BUT .. i do sleep in the bed beside my Sir every night now (wicked grin).. draw your own conclusions !!!
and so .. despite the fact that i blushed when i read that my blog turned this reader on.. i was just a little bit pleased........ cause all great stories (well adult ones at least) have an element of sexuality in them........ and i am glad it comes through in my blog........

i will be continuing to tweak what i write in my blog....... i want it to be ME.... to express my views.. my opinions.. my devilish streak.. my playful side.. i want it to be about ME.. not about what others expect.......... but thanks to the "friend" (if i may be so bold as to call Him that) showed me.. most of what i am is coming through !!!!


  1. The only thing you need tweaking are your nipples in between My fingertips....

    Owner of this subbie.....

  2. Excellent Post!!

    morningstar all those things come through loud and clear... I think what I love about blogs most is the honesty that some put forth. When I read your blog I see complete honesty and I LOVE it!!!

  3. i have to agree with cherish about the honesty. Of the blogs i do read, its that honesty that just rings. Without that.. its just not the same for me.

    i only know you through your blog, really, so i kinda have to trust that your blog really does show your personality... maybe those who know you RT as well as through this are better placed to comment on that one.

    but yes, do continue to write, reflecting the real, honest, true to yourself you, please...



  4. honesty...i was talking about that in a comment just a couple of minutes ago :) it's the common link between my favourite blogs. i love reading good moments and bad ones, words that may turn me on or feel sad or happy or... whatever. i love when i can "see" the man or the woman behind the screen, behind the blog. If i can, than i become a regular reader...if i can't, if i feel something "false"...i just clic on the X button and close the window.

    Well. i'm still here as you can see :)

  5. About the sexuality thing...
    I very clearly remember you the first time I met you - it was at an sss meeting. Your hair was wavy and blond and feminine. You were wearing a red dress - the ones that kind of wrap over the front of you (I'm not describing that very well - sorry). And you were not wearing a bra. You exuded confidence and sexuality... and I was in awe. I think I put you on a subbie pedestal that very day and have since then wished I could be just a tiny bit more like you. You're an inspiration.

    *hugs you*


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