Sunday, January 22, 2006

Two Favourite things...

i keep hearing Julie Andrew's singing "these are a few of my favourite things" this morning... (yeah yeah i am NOW hearing voices.. )

Yesterday Sir and i had a reasonably quiet day... a little shopping in the snow.. a whole lot of down time....... BUT in the midst of that down time.... Sir brought out the lil hand spanker thingy that we won at the local craft fair.

(just a little editorial note here: i thought it looked wimpy - a bit like those hand fly swatters you can purchase at the dollar store....... BUT it isn't anything like those.. this hand spanker is actually formulated a lot like a crop .. therefore there is the same OUCH factor along with an added twist of a slapper)

ok so back to the day at hand..... i am sitting on my pillow at Sir's feet and He decides it is time to give my ass a few taps?? (those were NO taps!!) with the new toy...... i am lying on my stomach wiggling my ass around .. half trying to avoid the sting and slap and half trying to ease the discomfort by rubbing my clit on the roughness of the pillow cover... and suddenly Sir is kneeling by my side.. forcing my legs wide apart and thrusting his hand into me.. deep into me.. finding that secret spot that He knows is deep inside of me.. the one that always gives me the most amazing mind blowing orgasms with so little effort.....usually with the added bonus of my squirting out gallons of liquid .. which then can be scooped up by Sir's free hand and smeared over my ass to 'improve' the sting of the spanker..... and just as planned i was squirting out all this liquid.. and it was being smeared all over my ass and the hand spanker is back to spanking.. and the tremors inside are still convulsing and rippling .... and all i can think is "OH MY GOD... this is just TOO good to be true!"

Later in the evening....... again Sir decided it would be amusing to spank my ass with the spanker... BUT this time.. instead of having me flop around on my pillow.. Sir had me kneel up and bend over the sofa seat........ now i can not explain exactly how this happened.. but i wanted - desperately needed for some reason - to feel Sir's body so i leaned into His side.. and He wrapped his free arm around my waist.. and the spanking began....... i wiggled and wiggled and wanted so much more of my Sir ..... so i wiggled myself right between His legs.. and snuggled into His chest while He continued to spank my wiggling ass....... Now i have to say.... that was the most wonderful position for a fun spanking... held tightly between my Sir's legs.. face pressed into His chest feeling His chest hairs tickling my face.. inhaling deeply of His scent...... and it ended with my being a wee bit playful.. and devilish.. biting His shirt buttons.. pulling His pen out of His pocket with my teeth.... nestling into my Sir....... feeling safe and contented and all right with the world .... and hearing Julie Andrew's singing.. "these are a few of my favourite things".............


  1. MMmmmmmmmmmm, indeed you are a very lucky lil girl morningstar. Sounds heavenly. Thanks again for sharing. Sighs thinking, if only...

  2. Anonymous11:25 am

    If you send me an email with your email addy on it, I have something that I've been ordered to mail you. (onlytess at hotmail.)



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