Monday, January 09, 2006

random thoughts on blogging

Somewhere on the web.. during one of my search sessions.. i found a site (of course for the life of me i can't find it again.. and yes Sir !! i should have bookmarked it) that was discussing the origin of blogging......... from what i remember the author was annoyed that blogs had been morphed into journals or online diaries. According to him, originally blogs were logs of online websites or information sites etc.. they had little if anything to do with personal thoughts/feelings/philosophies. i, for one, am very glad that blogging has developed into online journaling or diaries.... i think i would find blogs that only set out links to other websites or information sites boring.

In a lot of ways many aspects of my life have always been recorded.. from the photo albums that recorded births.. family members.. holidays and celebrations.. to recipe binders with family recipes - always with notations of who they came from.. when it was made - for what occasion...grandma's shortbread.. Miss B's maionnaise... Olive's birthday cake.... to calendars with appointments.. achievements.. celebrations.. deaths all recorded and never thrown away.. they are taken down on January 1st and stored away... (something for this clean freak who throws more out than she keeps) In my office at work i have a collage of pictures of children on one of my bulletin boards... sweet children playing.. working.. cuddling... innocent pictures.. when i moved my office this year.. those pictures were lovingly and carefully taken down and moved to the new space... a bit more dog earred.. a bit more faded but they have to follow me..... those pictures are a little bit of my mom... they were originally a calendar and on the reverse side of those pictures are recorded the last months of my mother's life.. from bridge games to golf lessons.. to chemo and radiation appointments..

And so i guess it was just a natural progression that i would move to here.. to online blogging... Sometimes it is difficult to write what is in my heart.. sometimes i have one eye on those who come to read (like my eldest daughter who is just investigating this lifestyle and finding out how it may or may not fit her) ...... and i worry about disclosing too much - sometimes.... but i am nothing if not honest.. and so i write from the heart... whatever i find in there at the time........

And i have my counter that has taught me so much......... like i wondered if anyone came to read.. which is why i added the counter in the first place... and of course i was floored at the number who come each day.......... i have learned from my counter that Saturday through Monday are the quietest days.. family times i guess.. when folks don't have the time to read blogs by the dozen...... and Thursdays at 7am are my busiest time for visitors..... i have toyed with the idea of only writing on Wednesday through Friday.... but i don't think that will happen any time soon........... cause the words call to me.. and i find my fingers flying across the keys... and another blog entry is created.....


  1. Anonymous5:56 am

    Check your "Internet History" You should be able to find the site you visitied and your looking for.

  2. i'm glad as well that blogs have developed into online sharing of emotions, feelings, happyness, sadness and whatever :) when i wrote on my paper journal i could only express my emotions and nothing more. Blogging, i still write down all of my feelings...and in addiction there are readers (sometimes friends) who can make me feel they're close, they understand what i feel or simply accept it as a part of me. i love it.

  3. schiava:

    yeah that is an excellent point.. i hadn't thought about that bonus to blogging.. people's comments... and sometimes the comments lead to the topic of my next blog...

    you are right the comments are a definite bonus to writing a paper diary/journal that no one sees..

    btw.. i read your english blog.. as i know NO italian i didn't have much choice... butt plug training eh??? don't let my Sir read that one.. ughhh.. it might give Him ideas... (cheeky grin)

    morningstar (owned by Warren)

  4. italian is a wonderful language...take this chance to learn it and use my journal as a school-book!!! :))))

  5. I have noticed that people blog less on the weekends as well. I guess everyone is blogging from work, hehe!

    Agrees Italian is a beautiful language!

  6. A strange thing happened on my way here.....the browser told me I didn't have access to your server, whateverthehell that I zipped over to your Sir's blog and linked from there....and wahlah, here I am.

    Please tell me I haven't been banned somehow.....that would be downright devestating!

  7. Michael: That has been happening to me too. If you refresh it will bring you right to the page. I thought maybe blogger was having an issue.

  8. yeah yeah Michael.. definitely devastating.. giggling furiously here.... i have no idea what is going on... i have had all sorts of trouble with blogspot recently.. even trying to access your blog.. i keep getting a "you don't have access to this page".. i just hit the link button again.. et voila i am there....

    i agree with cherish.. i think blogspot may be having some "issues"...

    glad you finally made it here Michael.. i miss you when you are absent.......

    morningstar (owned by Warren)


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