Friday, January 27, 2006


i am so glad it is Friday... i need this weekend so badly....... i need my Sir so badly.... and yeah it is a NEED .. not a want!! i feel a little bit like a pressure cooker about to explode.... i wonder what surprises Sir has in store for me this weekend......

i do know that Cloud and slave k are coming for coffee and dessert this evening... and oh yeah........ 103 toothpicks! i have come to realize that no matter how silly an idea is... when a Dom gets an idea in His head.. He is a bit like a dog with a bone.... ain't gonna let go.......... Sir is bound and determined to do this challenge.. even if it kills Soooooo for the sake of the challenge .. my ass will be skewered meat again tonite.. actually what i think will be the hardest part.... will be having to actually count out 103 + 1 toothpicks.... i have every confidence that Sir will manage to skewer my ass on them all... and thus beat the record of 70....

Now i am hoping that once that is over with Sir will move on to more fun things.. i am thinking i need a wish list........ something Sir can refer to when He runs out of "fun" ideas..
1) needle play
2) bondage
3) hot wax
4) paddling
5) flogging
6) whipping
7) lots and lots of sex - and NO butt plugs!!!
8) naked on the floor .. eating on the floor .. humiliation all the way....
9) some real hard play.........

and yeah folks i am probably gonna regret this list........... but at 7:30 on a Friday morning when i am faced with a meeting at the Board.. and then a couple of meetings this afternoon with nervous nellie parents.... i am feeling reckless....

wish me well...... my weekend starts in 9 hours............


  1. butt plugs it is, since you really want it, I can tell but this blog..

    Owner of morningstar

  2. You forgot the most important thing this weekend... ;)

    I wonder what it is :)


  3. Anonymous1:50 pm

    i love your list, except...

    take off needle play and ADD butt plugs. Master makes me wear mine all the time. When we first got together, i said: anything but anal sex. Then one day, follwing Masters orders, i orgasmed from a vibrator "you know where". Since then, i have become an anal slut. We do anal play all the time!!!!

    Have a great weekend.


  4. I like butt plug... and never get enough of what I like... just like you...;-(((
    I will take also the wax play... I can beg for... but it happens once a year, and not even at my birthday...pffff... Needles... never try... you will have to tell me about that...;-) Bondage is an old story... no more, not even cuffs, not even wristbands... and the rest... well... He is hooked to His crop right now... And after I laughed at the flog, He never took it back...LOLOLOL... but sex... oh yes... that I have... and very rough sex... I can't complain about that right now...

    Hummm... I should maybe have a wishlist too... but I will call it the unwish list... you know how They always give what we don't really want... Hummm... I l know... a bit sneaky...;-)
    Have a nice week end!!

  5. A thousand regrets I willnot be able to see the attempt do to poor health. I hope he makes it and remember you do not have to count when they go in only when they come out my friend.

  6. I must admit that that is a novel place to carry toothpics. A question how far can you walk with 75 toothpics between your cheeks? There could be a tooth pic olymics somewhere here you know the tooth pic run. The steeple chase, long jump oooh painful. unlimited possiblities don't you think?

  7. *thanking everything holy Master doesn't read this blog or comments*

    That would be right up His alley too, watching me prance around, dance even.. yeah that'd be what He wanted, DANCING wearing nothing but toothpicks up my butt.

  8. some pics to cheer you all up your sounding like you need some adventure love da blog

  9. Hmm... I wonder if what really motivates your Sir is competition. Maybe you should have a list of other Dom/sub couples' accomplishments and challenge him to outdo one everytime he gets in a rut.


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