Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Solve the debate......


We share evening fires with eldest daughter and SIL most weekends.... and the conversations we have!!!  Over the 2 seasons we have been camping together - I have seen another side to my SIL... he's not as straight laced as I originally thought.  Most of our conversations are vanilla and mundane -- but there are frequently double meanings that set us all off - giggling and building on the topic.  For example..... my SIL had a fire going that was sending off sparks.... large sparks...... one of those sparks landed on his chair (he was standing... stirring up the fire) and when he sat down he sat on one of those sparks.  He jumped up grabbing his ass yelping........ we were all sooooo sympathetic - laughing out loud ... and he said "well anal is out tonite" ........ OMG we all hooted... mostly out of shock that he would say something like that!!

So......... you get the idea - I hope.

The other night daughter and SIL were discussing their upcoming golf game.... and eldest daughter was talking about her golf outfit......... Sir Steve said he'd love to see me in a golf skirt........ eldest daughter said 'don't forget the knee socks' to which I replied 'ohhhhhhhhhh my over the knee knee socks'........ I turned to Sir Steve and reminded him he didn't like the naughty school girl look - short skirt with over the knee knee socks........ and yet that was exactly what he had just which he replied vehemently that NO he hadn't .. he HAD described a golf outfit. 

I was teasing him about it last night.. .how he really does want to see me in a naughty school girl outfit and he argued back 'no way!'

Sooooooooo gonna let you - my readers - decide who is right...... 

I say a golf outfit is simply a naughty school girl out fit he says they are completely different............ 

naughty school girl          


 golf outfit


or different?


  1. LOL! I'm going to say they are different. Naughty school girl makes me think - pouty, brat. Golf outfit makes me think sensuous woman. Maybe it's just me.

  2. With a Golf outfit you can wear just one glove. A little different maybe?


  3. Sorry..different gets my vote also...but now you can plan 2 different play times...and which you each like best! abby

  4. LoL Morningstar, love your fireside chat lol. I vote different also. Golfer is more sophisticated and the naughty school girl makes me think brat too. Each has its own appeal:)


  5. Giggles! Nope, I think they are basically the same idea, although, I think the golf outfit offers way more possibilities!


  6. I am with your Sir - I don't see them the same at all. The whole "schoolgirl" thing leaves me feeling squidgy .... but the golf set has possiblities. One shouts YOUNG GIRL, the other sensuous woman! Both short and flirty but you seldom think young girl with a proper golf outfit -


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