Monday, September 21, 2020

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow


We had our last weekend at the trailer this past weekend....... 

It was a pack up weekend -- I have lists of stuff that must be packed into bins and brought home........ everything liquid..... everything fabric...... all batteries... 

 Then there is the final cleaning... the fridges (one in the trailer and the bar fridge outside for drinks)..... the bathroom ... the kitchen.  

 All the outdoor furniture has to be stacked and covered in tarps... the fairy garden and lot sign are packed up in bins and put in the shed... the wood is covered...

It wasn't all work......... Friday night and Saturday night we had our fires... Saturday night's fire was a bitter sweet - last fire of the season.  


dear god in heaven......... this was NOT a camping weekend weather wise.  It went down to below zero both nights... I fortunately had brought up my winter coat and warm leggings and a turtle neck and jeans and big thick woolly socks..... I wore it all - AT ONCE! just to try to keep frost bite at bay!

Honestly I think I deserve the award (seeing as it is 'awards season) for BEST girlfriend EVER!!!  I am a fair weather camper and trust me when I say ' camping in below freezing weather is NOT fair weather'.  (and yes we have a furnace in the trailer - and yes we can stay semi-warm IN the trailer - but you have to have the campfires OUTSIDE! 

Life is good when you avoid frost bite on the last camping weekend.........


  1. We had to pick all the remaining tomatoes Friday (about 30 of them) because of frost. Now my kitchen table is covered in green tomatoes waiting to ripen. Giggles!


  2. Anonymous12:38 pm

    Wow...below zero weather. Down here we're lucky if it gets below 80 degrees or about 26C at night right now. Boosghost try making fried green tomatoes, its a Southern staple. Check out how online.

  3. We gave four distinctive seasons here that usually flow gently into one another. You have just made me so very happy about that. Very few shocks to the system. Right now we're going from way too hot to some lovely 70's weather. Sure you don't want to come south?

  4. Brr, definitely not my idea of fun. We had a neighborhood birthday party Saturday night. It was in the garage and they had some heat but I was cold, and we don't get anything near as cold as you! I'm looking forward to spring kicking in here.



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