Tuesday, September 15, 2020

A Moment in Time



Yesterday the lil one's teacher left her and 2 of her friends online after school to talk... it landed up being a virtual play date! They were busy forming a 'club' .. playing music.. singing... and dragging toys out to play on camera.  It did my heart good to see it.... a side note here -- we never have play dates normally cause of busing and scheduling.. so yesterday was a first in more ways than one!

While the kiddies were playing I walked into the lil one's room to put her clean laundry away... one of the girls asked 'who's that?' and the lil one said 'ohhhhh just my mom'.

made my heart smile.

Life is good when you are 'just mom'. 


  1. *smile* :)


  2. That sounds like a great day for everyone!


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