Tuesday, September 29, 2020




I woke up today and almost didn't recognize the feeling....... ENERGY!

 For the last few weeks I have been dragging my ass... everything felt off... every lil job felt HUGE... life looked dreary .. I had started to accept this was my new reality... it was depressing but there just didn't seem much to be done ......... and on the weekend I started a low grade headache that wouldn't go away.. a sore throat ... icky tummy... and in the back of my mind was one word - C O V I D !

BUT this morning I woke up with no headache.... no icky tummy... no sore throat... and feeling bratty!!  B R A T T Y!!  wow I can't remember the last time I felt bratty!  This morning when Sir Steve kissed me goodbye he groped my boob and I didn't pull away - didn't shut him down....... I actually wiggled my ass at him (grinning) - YEAH I am feeling more like myself again!!

Life is good when the energy returns........  


  1. That's wonderful news Morningstar, happy for you. Bratty is fun :)


  2. I love that the brat came back!



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