Friday, September 04, 2020

Growing up



So about 3 weeks ago the lil one told me she wanted her hair cut.  I was blown away.... they have never actually cut her hair - only trimmed it since she was born!!!  I told her I had no say in this decision she had to ask her dad AND her mom.  We all figured mom would throw a hissy fit.. like she did over ear piercing.  BUT surprise surprise when the lil one asked her she said ok........ WOW!


So yesterday was the BIG day..... I had made an appointment with my stylist .. the lil one has been soooooooo excited... when she sat in the chair Jess held her hair together in a pony tail and said 'last chance you sure??!!' the lil one laughed and said she was positive!  

Snip Snip.......... 



Jess was amazing!  took her time and gave her a beautiful cut!!  AND best part - I couldn't believe it seeing as it took her an hour to wash and cut - she only charged me the same amount that she charged to trim!!!

The lil one loves it....... absolutely loves it - she looks so grown up!!

to give you a clue how long it was..........

and here's a couple of after shots 


A new hair style ... a year older............. 


  1. Wow, how different she looks! I bet she looks more grown up too. Awesome cut :)


  2. OMG! What a big decision and such a CUTE outcome!!! Amazing what a haircut can do....from child to older child/tween....grown up. sniff.

    How great it is to be another year older!



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