Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Upside Down World



I've been feeling....... out of sorts recently -- kinda upside down.  

I think a lot of these feelings stem from how I am seeing myself... I feel dowdy and more housewife than lover or submissive..... I am feeling invisible too. 

It bothers me that Sir Steve doesn't come to read here anymore... it bothers me that he treats me more like hired help than lover... it bothers me that I am feeling stuck here in the house... teaching, cleaning, cooking.  Am I losing me???

I'm tired of covid - ya know?  I think it is getting to me.. all the news about numbers climbing again ... and in my heart I had hoped it would all be gone by now... me and my rose coloured glasses (le sigh)  

Feeling like my world is upside down ........  


  1. I know the hurt of them no longer reading our blogs. I mean we're giving them a window directly into our thoughts and feeling and they can't take two minutes to read it? That's hurtful. Tell him. Tell him that he doesn't have to read it, but that when he doesn't it hurts you. Tell him firmly and then it's on him.

  2. Maybe he has major guilt about the fact that he needs to rely on you so much for things you did not really sign up for. Seeing those in black and white may be harder than just “knowing” them in your heart. He seems to be a good guy so these feelings are to be expected but perhaps you should talk to him and say that you understand it and know that he cannot help the situation but it would help you if he reads here so he can “see” your view too.

  3. I think part of your this long lasting covoid siege.
    I am sharing many of your feelings....I give myself pep talks...I do not know of anyone who has this scurge, I am retired so finances are not a problem M and I are still good, he has been busy working on a complete redo of his son's house...I had set up my blog set up so M automatically would get a copy of my entries...made it easier for him. Hang in mom would say..this too shall pass..not soon enough for me! hugs abby

  4. I agree with PK. Talking is so important, I personally feel its the number one thing in marriage even though my partner finds it hard to. Tell Sir what you feel i am sure he would want to know and maybe upset that he didn't.
    Take Care

  5. (((Hugs))) Morningstar. As Abby said, hang in there, this too shall pass. A combination of end of summer/camping and back to 'regular' life and the ongoing Covid sage perhaps? I hope you feel brighter soon.



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