Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Summer's Over


We moved back to the city yesterday......... OH we'll still be going up for weekends until the end of September BUT Fall is here and time to be in the city.   AND I was SO ready to come back to the city  and get into routine.... we've been in the country for 4 months!! 4 months since we slept in our bed... 4 months since I cooked in my big kitchen.... 4 months of peace and quiet and isolation.  (and of course we move back to the city and the covid numbers are creeping back up again!!)

We ended the summer with a birthday party for the lil one.  She turns 8 this week!!  GOD!!! I entered her life when she was 4 ......... she has really grown up in those 4 years.  No kiddies party this year (first time in 4 years) and I wanted to make it as special as humanly possible considering the restraints on parties.  Eldest daughter and SIL came for hamburgers and hotdogs for supper...... and for cake we invited a friend who is in our 'bubble' in the country.  We had cake ............ lots and lots of cake!!


and sparklers by the fire......... 

and of course presents galore!! She declared ' it was the BEST party EVER!'

On Sunday Sir Steve drove her into town and handed her off to her mother.. she'll be back next Monday morning in time to start online school.

I - well I will be doing laundry (piles of it) and cleaning and organising the house for the winter hibernation........ 

Life is good when the holidays are over and routines resume.........


  1. Happy Birthday to the lil one. Sounds like you had a lovely celebration, glad she had a wonderful dwy. The cake looks amazing!

    I am so looking forward to spring kicking in here. The days are starting to longer.


  2. Best thing to come out of the pandemic so far? Return to the simple things. Birthday parties included! Happy Birthday lil one!!



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