Thursday, September 17, 2020



Yesterday I had an appointment at the denturist for a fitting.  I wasn't stressed about the appointment...... and am anxious to get this process finished ya know?? I am soooo tired of looking like some cartoon depiction of a red neck.

I have not been all that comfortable about going to a dentist during covid... BUT my actual dentist has this covid thing so handled......... when you get to the office you sit in your car until it's your turn...... each examining room is cleaned after each patient (so they only have one room open at a time)... no waiting room........and all the staff are outfitted in full PPE.  I felt protected - well as protected as possible ya know?

Now at the denturist's office........ first appointment .. I had to wait for 30 minutes in the waiting room (I didn't fuss toooo much cause he was fitting me in) AND I was the only one in the waiting room... there was no PPE - just face masks and he wore a shield.   

Yesterday I got there 2 minutes before my appointment time....... I entered the office and shock shock!  there were 4 people sitting in the waiting room!! (about 1 meter apart)  I checked in and expected to be taken immediately....... I wasn't!!  so I went and stood in an alcove that normally holds coats and boots.  20 minutes later I was called to go in... I went through the fitting etc... and as my appointment was ending I brought up my concerns about social distancing etc.  He seemed rather cavalier about my concerns.  I was NOT happy.

Later in the afternoon his office called me with the date and time for my next appointment (it had to be coordinated with my dentist as all the extractions will be done and immediately after the dentures will be put in) The nurse said 1:00 for the extractions 2:30 for the dentures....... AND she added... 'as soon as you get here we will put you in an exam room' - I think he heard my concerns!!!

BUT we wonder why numbers are climbing... there's little hope when even the medical profession isn't following the simplest of rules.  I am not panicking cause it just means I have to take care of my health / safety and I can.  But it doesn't change the fact I am disappointed with the denturist and his office.


  1. Glad things are progressing with the dental work and that it seems your denturist is listening to your concerns.


  2. I hope they can get your work done quickly, and in the best environment. I go for a cleaning tomorrow. They told me to call from my car, then wait there until they called me back. I had to wear a mask of course AND I was to bring my own ink pen for signing the credit card bill. I feel pretty safe about that.

  3. Anonymous12:03 pm

    They didnt take your temperature?? My experience for dentist and doctor appts were call from car then wait there for temp check. Then allowed in office. very short wait for dentist or doctor.

  4. So glad that you are comfortable at your dentist and that things are moving forward.



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