Friday, September 25, 2020

Week 2 of Synchronous Learning


We're completing week 2 of home schooling.  In these past 2 weeks there have been a whole mess of new terms to learn - like synchronous learning.  That's what we're doing....big term simple meaning - the lil one sits down at her desk at the 'bell' and all of her learning from 8 - 2:30 is online - just as though she was in her class at school. (we love it!! well I do - takes a whole lot of pressure off me)

Then there's digital asynchronous learning.... which is some learning on line - most of it is done on their own on their own schedule.

Then there's asynchronous learning - which is basically no online time - packages of work are picked up/dropped off at the schools on Monday mornings.

The lil one finishes school at 1:35 (basically).  Her school has set the breaks at weird times (if you ask me).  They have a break at 9:15 for bathroom.........another at 10:30 for 35 minutes - a recess....... and then lunch break is at 1:35 for 40 minutes and the day ends at 2:25 so basically the lil one's day ends at 1:35.  That leaves a whole whack of unscheduled time to fill before dinner.

I came up with the idea of setting up Play Dates on Teams (the program they use to log into school..... video and mic capabilities) So on Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30 - 4ish the lil one and her best friend hook up on our Team's channel and 'play' together.  Now if you had asked me before if this could work - I would have said NO......... but it has worked amazingly!! Yesterday the girls were playing Barbies - laughing and talking - and sorting out the world's problems (grinning)

On Monday and Wednesday I try to find extra activities for her to do...... She received a terrarium from youngest daughter for her birthday - so we have planted it and watched it grow.................... (which compliments their science curriculum "Plants")


And Sir Steve and I gave her 3D doodle pen for her birthday.....  

Now to be honest - I opened it before her birthday and tried it....... cause I thought if I knew how to work it - it wouldn't take so long to teach her ya know??

Well I couldn't work it - and was so frustrated!!  I thought it was probably a waste of money.  Because of my negative attitude towards this 3D pen - it has taken a couple of weeks to drag it out and let the lil one have a go with it.  

The lil one didn't have ANY problems getting it to work...... well once we figured out a couple of small things - like how to 'anchor' the liquid plastic.  The first thing the lil one made was a spider web and spider - Halloween decorations........... 


Then yesterday she pulled it out and set it up without me......... and OMG look at what she created!!  We're gonna add pins to the back so she can pin them on..........  

So all in all it has been a good 2nd week doing synchronous learning! 

Life is good when we can keep our lil ones safe and healthy and challenged!


  1. OMG! That is so cool! Kids are truly amazing! The adaptation to this new reality brings hope to my heart.

    I am glad things are working out so well


  2. I'm so glad to hear the first two weeks have gone well, and much easier than last time. I love the online play date idea.

    Wow, that pen is so cool! I want one lol. The lil one is so clever and creative!



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