Thursday, September 24, 2020

Parenting Skills



I am always shocked by things THE mother does to the lil one........

When the lil one got her haircut she couldn't wait to show 'mommy'..... Did mommy say how cute it looked?? Did mommy say how grown up she looked? Did mommy say anything positive about the hair cut???


What mommy did say was....... "I don't like it.  I don't know why you wanted to cut it"

In the lil one's words "Mommy said something sad about my hair"  -- broke my heart ya know?!

NOW this week 

the lil one was outside skipping the other day and said her head was cold.   Another time she said her ears were cold and they were gonna be VERY cold this winter.

Took me awhile but the penny finally dropped....... I asked the lil one last night IF mommy had said her ears/head would be cold because she cut her hair?!  

You guessed it - that's exactly what Mommy said!  I had a knee jerk reaction and blurted out 'BULLSHIT!' I pointed out to the lil one - when her hair was long she never wore it loose - it was always! in a braid or pony tail and her ears were always 'naked'.  NOW she had hair over her ears...... so why - WHY - would her ears be more cold this winter compared to last winter?!!! 

The mother has taken court mandated parenting skills - the one thing they should have taught her was TO BITE HER TONGUE.......... she does so much damage to the lil one's self esteem / psyche with her words........... 




  1. Argh! That really is so sad. I have no words.


  2. The power of words. How sad to use it in a negative way and hurt little hearts.



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