Wednesday, September 30, 2020


 This morning the headlines were

Helen Reddy dead at the age of 78.

I teared up......

There are very few songs that I can say touched my life...... but "I am Woman" did.  I remember how deeply that song affected me way back in the 70's ... I remember vowing I would help my girls grow to be independent strong women........ (bet eldest daughter doesn't remember me dancing with her in my arms singing I am Woman - hoping it would somehow imprint on her soul)

I like to think that the woman I am today is because of that song....... and why I am submissive.  Confused? strong woman and good submissive in the same breath? yes!  I honestly believe a good submissive must be a very strong person......... but that's a debate for another day......... 

Today is for remembering a strong woman who touched my life and I am sure many other lives................... 


  1. One of my favorite entertainers....when M and I were first starting out on our journey....He would often takes a strong person to be a submissive. It took me a while to see that he was does...and it does not mean losing yourself...or helps us to become a better version of who er are..
    lucky us!! hugs abby

  2. Anonymous3:27 pm

    Eldest daughter remembers

  3. Such a sad loss. Helen Reddy was an icon.


  4. Very sad. I remember that song and so enjoyed hearing it again. Thank you.



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