Wednesday, September 23, 2020




Sooooooo the last few days (ok ok weeks!) I have been feeling frustrated and restless and just plain down.

This morning I was browsing my favourite blogs and was reading Ronnie's post "Word Search".   'The first three words will be what you can expect for your next punishment' I had to try - ya know - sucker for punishment (grinning).  The first word I saw was DUCK!  DUCK???!!  That pretty  much describes my life right now... should have been an exciting punishment like strap right?? BUT I get DUCK!  yup duck....... let's drop the d - add an F - and you got my life.

My frustrations are making me a grumpy old lady - a bitchy old lady......... yesterday the lil one was playing around on the computer instead of working and managed to screw up her team's meeting..... I tried to fix it - couldn't.... had to get the teacher to help.... 

I was trying to vacuum pack the damn bedding/ linens from the trailer and for some reason I can't get the jumbo bags to seal...... I was hoping Sir Steve would lend a hand (he said he would) but he just said 'maybe there's a leak' and went to watch TV - so I guess I have to figure it out.

I was making a BIG stew for us and to give to a friend who is convalescing from heart surgery and realized I didn't have carrots or a tin foil dish... couldn't just run out to get them because home schooling ya know...... so asked Sir Steve to pick them up on his way home....... I asked for an 8x8 pan he couldn't find one so brought me a 9x11..... GAH!!

I tried talking to Sir Steve last night - and he basically shut me down....... he did admit he's worried that I am going to leave him cause of 'stuff' (I'm not ready to talk about this stuff) - that was a good jumping off point right?? Except it wasn't a good starting point for me... my brain went POP and shut down.......... 

Today I have to solve the vacuum bag problem - solve the storing of stew problem (without being able to go out and shop for a solution) - supervise home schooling - and try not to fall apart.

Duck is now the code word for my life.



  1. Hugs....and I bet a lot of us have been in that Duck stage...I have, a..and then something unexpected makes me realize how lucky I am ..but boy
    I sure could use a return to the good old days..and I mean about 6 months ago. Hang in there....hugs abby

  2. Funny, the first word I found in Ronnie's word find was duck too, followed by strap.

    (((Hugs))). Those days when everything seems to conspire against you.


  3. Sigh. I am sorry it has been such a draining time. Nothing worse then when it is duck season.



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