Thursday, August 13, 2020

Busy busy




Honestly I need my head examined........... I just spent 2 hours online shopping for clothes!!  like I have extra cash hanging around with my dental work - GAH!!


I have a favourite online shop that sells 'bohemian' style clothing and I LOVE bohemian clothes - sorta fits with my personality.  I have only ever bought one item cause they are sooooooooo expensive.  


this morning I got a notification they are going out of business (like so many other shops - le sigh) so I went to take a look.


Tshirts that were regularly priced at $30+ dollars selling for $15!!! dresses and pants and shorts....... OMG! their whole inventory.  I couldn't resist!!  So I am taking a page out of Fondles book and buying all the best stuff at 60% more or less off !! 

Life is good with retail therapy!


  1. I love that you found a positive! Enjoy the new clothes!!!


  2. HAHAHA let it not be said that I influenced you in any way lest I be blamed for your spending.

    But seriously. Over the country's birthday weekend every shop was having big celebration sales and one of my pals asked on the group chat if anyone was planning to buy anything in particular.

    Three of us ended up browsing the online sales and I spent $80. I'll update the blog with my buys!

    I'd love to see what you bought!

  3. I always went out and bought a few new summer things to wear in the spring - but not this year. I can't remember when I've gotten any new clothes and I'm afraid it's showing. I did get one 'writer' tee-shirt but that's it. Doesn't look like I'll be going out to get any 'back to school' clothes either. I really like trying things on before I get them, but without that option I guess I better look on line too. I think I'll tell Nick it's your and Fondles' fault.

  4. Nothing like a bit of retail therapy. Enjoy :) you definitely needed it after the tooth drama!


  5. Deena9:53 am

    I am not a big shopper but when I do have to go, there is nothing better than a good deal! I love using coupons and shopping sales. My wardrobe is clearly dated since I avoid shopping though.


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