Friday, November 30, 2012

Mixing together.............

Way back on LOL day - Hermione asked in the comment section: "I'm looking forward to finding out how your life will change once you are living D/s 24/7 with Warren. Maybe you can share more thoughts on that, and how you are preparing for it."

I haven't been ignoring that comment - I have just been waiting for a good time to answer it........... and yes......... time to think over my answer.

W and I aren't kids anymore  - we are both set in our ways  - this coming together will involve more than melding furniture from two homes into OUR home.

I am an OCD neat freak.  W is more laid back - and a "collector" 

I dislike shopping.  W loves it.

I like planning and scheduling.  W is more a "go with the flow" sort of guy.

I hate fights - even fighting for myself.  W loves a good fight (mostly with governments and big business)

I like peace and quiet.  W has to have noise - radio or television going at all times.

I go to bed early.  W is a night owl.

I don't much like frozen food/meals.  W virtually lives on them.


I think the first step in our coming together is being very aware of our differences.  And believing that we can and will find compromises.  


One of the first steps we have taken is giving me "my" space.  My quiet room......... upstairs where - when things overwhelm me - I can escape to find my center and my quiet space.

W has the lower level (I refuse!!  to call it the basement cause it is only 6 steps down from the main level and is a beautifully finished area - for his trains  - his computer stuff, car stuff - and his BIG television.  I am hoping we can get two sofas squeezed into this area so that we can watch television together in the "family room", and not always be messing up the living room (which will help my OCD neat freak side)

As for meals - I am so looking forward to having a workable kitchen - where I can cook our meals from scratch and try and get us both on a healthier road........ even making our own bread.

As for D/s 24/7 -  I think after 14 years of chasing the illusive fantasy - we have come full circle and realize that D/s is loving and caring for each other..... that BDSM is a fill in the gap sort of thing. (here's hoping there are lots of gaps to fill in.  There are certainly enough munches/sloshes and events going on to keep BDSM in the forefront of our lives) 

And that's all I have for now Hermione.  I am sure when I move up to Kingston permanently there will be more blog entries on the trials and tribulations of melding two old codgers.


  1. Sounds like a realistic, good start! hugs abby

  2. You have done a lot of thinking about it. (That's a good use for OCD:)

    I'll bet W won't miss the frozen food he lives on once you are there to cook delicious meals from scratch. I also like the idea of your quiet room as a place to escape when necessary.



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