Saturday, November 10, 2012

POOP !!!

and NO I am not talking about scat play today !!

What the hell happened yesterday ??!!  I did a good post on LOL day - not a great post I admit - I didn't offer rewards of any sort for the most comments - I did not bribe anyone... and I had 6 comments ....... only 6.  AND of the 6 only 3 were lurkers??!!   I am doing something wrong - very very wrong !!

Even my stats were down yesterday - not by much - 30 or 40 - but still down?? on LOL day??? What was that about??!!!

And while I am pooping on stuff - all I wanted all week was for Saturday to arrive, so I could sleep in.......... god I wanted to sleep in......... till 7 ...cause I do have to take my car in for it's winter tune up and get the snow tires put on at 8 this morning (rumour has it there is snow out in friendly Manisnowba - and it's coming our way !!)  BUT did I sleep in ?? no of course not!!!  Missy woke me up at 2:30 puking up a hair ball on the bed (I managed to throw her off the bed linens before the upchucking moment)  AND then my eyes popped open like clock work at 5 sharp !!!    


The only good thing I can see on the horizon is there is the Western semi-finals in the CFL this afternoon........... 

I declare today a POOPY day !!! 


DAMN  - definitely a POOPY day .... the damn football game is a college game for god's sakes !!! I need to learn to read :(


  1. Morningstar, let's look at this another way. Half of your comments were from lurkers. That's 50%. Wow! Only a few of my comments were from true lurkers; the rest were from regular commenters. So that's quite an achievement.

    Did you make the rounds of all the participating blogs and leave comments? That prompts bloggers to visit your blog in return and leave a reciprocal comment.


  2. I understand what you are saying about leaving comments on other blogs Hermione - which I did do - however I thought the whole point of the day - was to convince "my" lurkers to come out of hiding and comment - not bring new lurkers over (though that wouldn't be too bad either)

    Either way - I have always wondered why less than 1/20 of my daily visitors ever comment

  3. I'm sorry I missed LOL day or I would have commented :o(

    in not so sunny today
    South Africa

  4. Anonymous12:36 pm

    Don't know how I missed your LOL post. I love lurking at your blog. And thanks for the kind words. We were traveling really an extended cruise. Computer time aboard ship is way way expensive. I had to go cold turkey and forgo reading yours or anyone else's blog.

    Now once the POOP clears the day can only get better...right?


  5. I'm still catching up on a few LOL Day comments. But I left my first comment on your LOL Day post a few mins ago, AND I joined your blog too!

  6. MrBBSpanker - thank you and thank you :)

    Joyce - I am a little jealous - a cruise !!! how nice :) glad you are back.

    And K - nice to "meet you" :)

  7. Apart from when I have been linked in posts by blogs that get really big numbers, I have found that my stats have been down recently too. That happened before and after the last US presidential election before this one as well. Perhaps this is having an effect on your numbers also. I hope that this has not put you off participating in LOL day in the future.


  8. Spankedhortic - nah never fear - I'll do it again next year........ I love that sort of thing.


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